Strathcona County Pickleball Association

Strathcona County Pickleball Association

Sherwood Park, Alberta

Welcome !!

May 2022 Registration 

For those parties reviewing this page with a view to registering with the Club, we regretfully advise that SCPA has had to put a hold on accepting new members due to the large increase experienced to date without additional Court allocations being provided by Strathcona County. It is important that we can accommodate our existing members with opportunities to play within our existing allocation.

Welcome to Strathcona County Pickleball Club!

You are presently at our webpage on the Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS).  After viewing this page, press the Website button above to go to our main web-site to find out all you need to know about Strathcona County Pickleball Association.

For individuals who wish to join the Club you can do so from this webpage.  To join select the  “JOIN-RENEW” button, on the next webpage click the “JOIN” button  select Alberta as the Province, select “Strathcona County Pickleball Association” from the drop-down menu as the club you wish to join.  On the left, halfway down the page it says ‘Are you a new or renewing member?   If you have never been a Pickleball Canada member, pick the “I am new to Pickleball Canada” option and complete your profile and registration.   Unless you have a USAPA Ranking please leave that question blank.

For existing members who wish to renew their membership you need to logon to PCNS (, select “Join/Renew” button, select Strathcona County Pickleball Association as your Club and where it asks the question “Are you a new or renewing member? – select “I am a renewing member” and select “Lookup Membership. This will prevent you from creating a second profile

Please do not change your Club Ranking level this is an administrator duty only!  Thank you.

Membership is valid from January through until December 31, 2022.  

Membership Fees

Single Membership for 2022 year - $35.00 plus $10.00 Pickleball Canada and $5.00 Pickleball Alberta as approved by the Board of Directors, September 21, 2021
plus PCNS Processing Fee

Payment Methods


* Small processing fee applies

Who We Are / What we Offer