Metchosin Pickleball Club (MPC) Waiver and Code of Conduct

Metchosin Pickleball Club (MPC) Liability Waiver & Code of Conduct

Member Liability Waiver

I, the undersigned MPC member, a participant in activities or programs organized or offered by Metchosin Pickleball Club, hereby assume all risks and hazards that may be associated with or incidental to my participation in Metchosin Pickleball Club’s activities or programs and expressly agree to hold harmless the organizers, directors, instructors, other members, and volunteers of Metchosin Pickleball Club.

Eye Protection Recommendation

I further acknowledge that Metchosin Pickleball Club strongly encourages all participants in its activities and programs to wear appropriate eye protection.

Authorization to Share Member Contact Information and Emergency Contact Information

I, the undersigned MPC member, consent to having my contact information and my emergency contact information shared with other members of the Metchosin Pickleball Club on an as needed basis only.

Code of Conduct

I hereby agree to abide by MPC’s Code of Conduct

Metchosin Pickleball Club (MPC) Code of Conduct

1) Good Sportsmanship

Demonstrate a positive attitude, speak in a positive manner, and act with fairness and integrity.

2) Respect for Others

Treat others with dignity and respect. Supportive comments and behaviours are encouraged.

3) Safety

The safety of all participants is paramount. Any actions that endanger the safety of others are prohibited.

Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in a member’s suspension from Metchosin Pickleball Club and Club activities.