Bourkevale Community Centre

Bourkevale Community Centre


Donations for Bourkevale CC

Hey Everyone,

This is our 3rd. year of playing at Bourkevale CC. It may also be the the year that we move to our new home at St. James Memorial Park. We do however anticipate that we will continue some club activities at Bourkevale CC. going forward.

Bourkevale CC. has given Winnipeg West Pickleball a home, which has enabled us to have organized play and increase our membership to over 250 people. 

Many of you, will not be aware that Bourkevale CC also assisted our club with funding and grant preparation which enabled the painting of the court lines, the purchase of nets and other items.

We have had FREE use of the north rink and the skate shack for the last three years. Bourkevale CC did not require a per member fee to use their facility nor were our members required to join the Community Centre. 

Therefore, if you have been or will be playing with us at Bourkevale CC, please consider making a donation to the Community Centre in appreciation of our use of their facility.

There are several dollar denominations available ($10,$25,$50,$75,$100), please choose what you feel is appropriate. Use the REGISTER button to contribute. A small payment fee will be deducted from your donation like PayPal.

We will run this collection site to the middle of August and then make the donation to the Community Centre.


WWPB Executive.