Club Committees

Club Committees

September 10-24th, 2023Winnipeg, Manitoba

Club Volunteer Committees

With the continued growth of our club membership and our new courts opening this spring. We need to form several committees to insure the continued viability of our club.

We also want to broaden the decision making, for example: when structuring outdoor play this summer, we want to be sure we encompass the requirements of all our members.

We are looking at the following committees to start off the summer season:

Court Scheduling: Playing schedule to include all skill groups, Open Play, Days and Evenings, Pickleskills, Orientation etc.

Court Maintenance and Opening \ Closing: Possibly locking and unlocking courts and equipment shed, court monitoring etc., Ensuring courts are available to public when required.

Fundraising: Sponsors, Event funding, capital funding etc.

Nominating: Help in selecting future officers and directors

General Help: This could be for help with tournaments or other events as required.

Train the Trainer (Learn to Play Orientation): We need to continue offering this bi-weekly per our agreement with the city. 

If you have an interest in helping us out by joining any of these please fill in the registration form so that we may contact you.

If you have comments or ideas about the club processes in general, we'd like to hear from you.

Drop us a line to:

 Finally, If you would like to attend more PickleSkills sessions,  check that box also!