East Coast Rock Pickleball Club

Organized Skills & Drills Practice by the ECROCK Committee (90 Mins)10:00am - 11:30am

As a member of East Coast Rock (ECROCK) Pickleball Club we invite you to drop in for 90 minutes of  FREE court time every Wednesday at North Point Sports from 10:00-11:30am.  We organize practice skills and drills to help bring your game to the next level of Blue or Red Play.

With a large group of members and only 3 courts, we time the drills and rotate members to participate so everyone has an opportunity to practice. We also have 3 additional nets set up on the floor hockey area to practice drills and zones marked for Wall Drills at the back of the gym on both sides.

Volunteers and the Club Executive can be identified on Club Day by our Red logo  ECROCK shirts to help get you organized and participating for a fun filled day!

Wondering if you are a BLUE or RED skilled player?
Download our our Pickleball Passport to learn more about coloured skill ratings.

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Jan-Feb. 2024 Skills and Drills - Wednesday Club Day

Here is our Wednesday Club Day Skills & Drills schedule starting Jan. 31st (this week) until the end of February. Club Day's are FREE events and with the exception of Feb. 21st, registration is not required. Northpoint Sports is where you are welcome to join us from 10:00-11:30 am. Please be court ready prior to 10 am.

JANUARY 31st: RED PLAY - Advanced Intermediate/Advanced

FEBRUARY 6th & 7th - ECROCK LOVE BUG TOURNAMENT - (Club Day will resume Feb. 14th)

FEBRUARY 14th: BLUE PLAY - Beginner/Intermediate

FEBRUARY 21st: RED PLAY Clinic with Brenda & Leonard Lye (advance notice will be provided with details of how and when to register at a later date)

FEBRUARY 28th: BLUE PLAY- Beginner/Intermediate


Donna Aylward

President ECROCK Pickleball Club