Horseshoe Valley Pickleball

February Newsletter

Horseshoe Valley Pickleball February Update


Lock in the time, lock in the date, we have booked a SPRING FLING to celebrate. We currently have 88 members registered with Horseshoe Valley Pickleball, and given the weather, are looking forward to an early start to our 2024 Pickleball season. In fact, the Rink Rats have just posted on Facebook that they have formally given up on this winter season so we may be able to take over the courts sooner than later. However, just to make sure that Mother Nature doesn’t throw us any curveballs to our planned Spring Fling kick off party, we have booked time at ODAS park in Orillia for this event.


We hope you are able to join in the fun! The date has already been put on our calendar on TeamReach. Please click on the calendar in the TeamReach app and indicate whether you plan on attending. Further details with regards to this event will be posted in the next Newsletter.

THE TeamReach APP

An invitation was sent out to Horseshoe Valley Pickleball members to join our HVPB TeamReach group either by email from Susie Fassbender or through the TeamReach app (members already on TeamReach with ODAS). If you have not signed up to join HVPB on TeamReach yet, please do so at your earliest convenience so as not to miss out on any important communications.

The TeamReach app is free. Horseshoe Valley Pickleball’s TeamReach group name is HVPB and group code is Playpickles. If you have any trouble getting signed up, please email us at for assistance.


The Horseshoe Valley Pickleball survey was sent out to members in the first week of February to assist in the development of the Pickleball schedule for our upcoming season. Thank you to the over 75% of our members who completed the survey. The results of the survey and HVPB’s spring schedule will be posted in our next Newsletter. If you have not completed the survey but would like to do so before the schedule is finalized, please complete and submit the survey by February 29th.

Remember, our furry forecast prognosticators predicted an early spring this year, so now is the time to find your Pickleball paddles, check the tread on your court shoes and start your Pickleball stretching routine. We can’t wait to see you all on the courts!!