Horseshoe Valley Pickleball

January Newsletter

Horseshoe Valley Pickleball

Newsletter Edition 4 - Jan 28/24

Happy 2024 everyone!
With the arrival of 2024, the inaugural year of Horseshoe Valley Pickleball as a formal Club has begun. To date, Horseshoe Valley Pickleball is 80 members strong. We look forward to the popping sounds of the pickleball hitting our paddles, the light chatter of friends getting reacquainted after a long winter hiatus and the hum of pleasant welcomes as we invite newcomers into our Horseshoe Valley Pickleball Family.

But before we get too far into 2024, the Horseshoe Valley Pickleball Board would like to congratulate Gail Goldenberg for being the winner of the “early bird” membership draw. Congratulations Gail! And, the Board would like to thank Deb Grant and Peter Kuznik for having organized a fabulous year end Pickleball Social. Everyone at the November 26th party at ODAS had a fantastic time… and we have the pictures to prove it.

Now on to 2024:

Even though the Pickleball courts are covered with ice, the Horseshoe Valley Pickleball Board has been at work getting ready for our next season of play.


The Horseshoe Valley Pickleball Board has been working on a schedule to satisfy both competitive and recreational players. However, to give members the opportunity to voice their priorities prior to any formalization of the schedule, a survey has been created that will be sent out to members in the next few weeks. Once you receive the survey, please take the time to fill it out at your earliest convenience. Once the results are compiled, the schedule will be formalized and sent out to the membership.

TeamReach App

Day to day attendance at the Pickleball courts will continue to be open to the membership as it has been in the past. (Please remember to wear your issued shoe tags when playing during designated Club times).The ping pong balls, paddle bin and timer clock will continue to be used as needed to rotate players through the four Pickleball courts in as efficient and equitable a manner as possible. 

  However for tournaments, competition ladders, drills and skills and any other designated play situations, the TeamReach App will be used. This is a free app that can be downloaded to your phone, tablet or computer. The app allows members of a particular group to send messages to each other, keep schedules organized and easily indicate their attendance at a particular function. The Horseshoe Valley Pickleball Board has set up a Group using this App for Horseshoe Valley Pickleball members to use. The Group name is HVPB. During the next few weeks, all members of the Horseshoe Valley Pickleball Club will receive an invitation to join this Group either via a TeamReach invitation (if the member is already a member of another TeamReach Group) or via email. Please register at your earliest convenience. Should you have any difficulty in signing up, please email the Board at for assistance.

Over the next several months, after members have signed up on TeamReach, communication between and for the membership will transition from our previously used WhatsApp chats to TeamReach.

Shoe Tags

All members of the Horseshoe Valley Pickleball Club are to wear their issued shoe tags during designated Club playing times including tournaments, competition ladders, drills and skills training. If you have not received your shoe tag yet, please contact Susie Fassbender via text at 416-254-4893 to set up a convenient time to meet. Guests playing Pickleball during designated Club times will be required to complete a

“Guest” waiver prior to playing. Parties are welcome to attend twice as a “Guest”. After that, any person wishing to continue to play Pickleball during designated Club times will be required to register with the Club.

Spring Fling

The Horseshoe Valley Pickleball Board is attempting to secure an indoor facility for our formal 2024 Pickleball Season start up. The membership will be advised as soon as the date, time and location have been secured. (Keep April Open for Pickleball)