Horseshoe Valley Pickleball

2024 Court Schedule

Summer Schedule

Please be advised that the HVPB schedule may need to be adjusted occasionally in cooperation with other Township programs. Any minor adjustments will be posted on our TeamReach app. Any major modifications to the schedule will be sent out via email. We are in close partnership with the township to allow us to use these courts. Please respect the courts and times in the schedule.

Summer Sched

As per township schedule to effective July 8th


Advanced/Intermediate Play

  • Skill level approaching 3.5 rating or higher. Solid understanding of the rules of Pickleball
  • Competitive, fast paced play. Physical endurance is a key as advanced/intermediate players often engage in longer, more intense rallies requiring sustained energy throughout the game
  • Agility and swift reactions are crucial, especially in fast paced rallies at the net and when returning powerful shots
  • Requires strong court awareness, re:positioning of teammate and opponents, for effective shot placement and coverage

Recreation Play

  • Want a low pressure, welcoming environment
  • May be new to Pickleball
  • Mistakes are seen as a learning opportunity
  • Strong social component
  • Camaraderie, social interaction, exercise, being outdoors are all equal components in this category
  • Variety of skill levels, varied levels of experience
  • For those looking to improve skill level and gain confidence

Open Play

  • Any and all levels welcome
  • Courts may be subdivided
  • If courts are subdivided, members can choose their court in alignment with their skill set and competitive nature

Beginner/Open Practice

  • Court time dedicated to self practice
  • Games are focused on keeping the ball live rather than winning points
  • Courts can be used to practice any drills you might want to do