Invermere Pickleball Club

Invermere Pickleball Club

Invermere, British Columbia


League play is contingent on the club acquiring more play time.  Should this drag on too long, we may have to shelve league play for this year.  Stay tuned!

As a player and member of Invermere Pickleball Club you can play the game at a recreational level; advance your skill level with practice and coaching or challenge yourself by participating in our club round robins, ladders and tournament play. It's all up to you! Our club will assist you in obtaining your pickleball goals.

League play is similar to a round robin format. Your group will be assigned for the day and matches will be created by the system.

Once you are a paid Invermere Pickleball Club Member, please create a personal profile in and click on the blue button, "Become a Member" on the Invermere Pickleball Club listing.

You sign up for the league and 5 days before the game day you may opt in to play that week. If you can not make it, don't opt in. If you opt in and then can't make it you can opt out so another player can take your place.

Invermere Pickleball Club will be using for league play and Tournament Play, as well as for club skill ratings.

For more info please contact