Kenora Pickleball Club

Court Etiquette

  • Everyone was a beginner at one time (or still is) and playing with people that are better than you or that are still  learning will help all players, at all skill levels and keep the sport of Pickleball growing. Everyone appreciates the time given to assist all levels of players.
  • Introduce yourself to your opponents and greet them before starting the game.
  • Play with people of all skill levels and display good sportsmanship.  If you are an “advanced” player, adjust your style when playing with less skilled players; work on your short game and/or ball placement. Avoid always playing against the weaker player.
  • Mentor and offer advice kindly. Don't give advise unless the player is open to the suggestion. Avoid criticizing opponents or your partner's play.
  • Respect the game and your fellow players; do not intimidate weaker players or dominate a game.
  • Recognize and compliment your partner and opponents when they make good shots.
  • Apologize for bad or inappropriate remarks immediately.
  • Call out the score every time you serve loudly enough so that your opponents can hear the score.
  • Make ‘out calls’ loud and clear and only when you are certain the ball landed out; make fair calls and give your opponent the benefit of the doubt.
  • Do not chase the ball into another court. Call “ball” immediately when your stray ball rolls onto another court. No point is worth tripping over a ball and hurting yourself or other players.
  • When retrieving a stray ball do not walk onto a neighbouring court; wait until the rally is over.
  • When a ball rolls onto your court, stop play immediately so no one gets hurt. Pick the ball up, look to see where it needs to go. Make eye contact with the person that you are returning the ball to, then throw the ball to them.
  • Treat others how you would like to be treated.
  • Always remember that pickleball is a game and the point of playing it is to have FUN. Play to have fun.
  • No point or game is that critical to ruin your day or lose a friendship; be a positive-minded player.
  • Arrive early for round-robin and ladders events.  On time is late and messes up the scheduling for the organizers.
  • Abusive language is not allowed.
  • Meet at the net after the game and acknowledge the other team by saying "good game" or "thanks".