Mayne Island Pickleball

Mayne Island Pickleball

Mayne Island, British Columbia

Skill Level Assessment

For those of you wondering how to assess which pickleball level you are at - please read the information below put out by pickleball USA. We want everyone to enjoy their pickleball experience and we have three levels active in our Mayne Club with three different playing times. Hope this helps you decide when to play and in which group you will have the most enjoyment.

Skills Assessment

Beginner – 2.0 Skill Level

  • Minimal understanding of the basic rules of the game i.e., 2 bounce rule
  • Knows how to keep score
  • Demonstrates a forehand
  • Demonstrates a backhand
  • Demonstrates a volley
  • Accurately places serve into the correct square
  • Knows where to stand when serving and returning serve
  • Has good mobility: moving in a safe and balanced manner and has good quickness
  • Has good hand-eye coordination

Intermediate – 3.0 Skill Level

  • Able to hit a medium paced forehand with direction and consistency
  • Able to hit a medium paced backhand with direction and consistency
  • Able to hit a medium paced serve with depth, direction, and consistency
  • Able to consistently sustain a dink rally with control
  • Able to hit a medium paced 3rd shot with direction
  • Able to hit a medium paced volley with direction and consistency
  • Understands the fundamentals of the game
  • Understands proper court positioning
  • Understands rules and can keep score
  • Has good mobility / quickness / hand eye coordination.

Advanced – 3.5 Skill Level

  • Able to use a forehand with a strong level of shot control
  • Able to use a backhand with strong level of shot control
  • Consistently gets serve in
  • Consistently gets return of serve in
  • Able to place serves deep in the court
  • Able to place return of serves deep into the court
  • Able to dink and sustains medium length rallies
  • Able to control height/depth of dink shot
  • Understands variation of pace of dink shot
  • Able to hit a 3rd shot drop to gain advantage to the net
  • Able to volley with medium paced shots with control
  • Sustains a short volley session at the net with placement and control
  • Moves quickly to NVZ (non-volley zone) when opportunity is there
  • Understands proper court position
  • Understands difference between hard game and soft game and knows when to use each
  • Understands and uses strategies with their doubles partner to optimize return shots
  • Able to sustain short rallies
  • Has good mobility / quickness /hand-eye coordination