Neepawa Pickleball Association

Neepawa Pickleball Association

Neepawa, Manitoba


The 2024 fees to join the Neepawa Pickleball Association are: 

$100 for Adult - Full Membership (unlimited play)

$21.55 for Adult - Drop-In Membership (then $5 cash per visit)

$32.10 for Youth - 18 and under (unlimited play)

(Those wanting to "try it out" can drop-in for $5 a visit up to 3 visits.)

Rules FAQ

When my partner is serving, where can I stand?

You can stand anywhere - as long as you are on the correct side of the net.  You can be in the court or outside of the court, behind the line or in front of the line or even off to the side.  This is from Rule 4.B.7:

Partner Positions. In doubles, with the exception of
the server (see 4.A.4) there is no restriction on the
position of any player, as long as all players are on
their respective team’s side of the net. They can be
positioned on or off the court. The correct server
must serve from the correct service court, and the
correct receiver must receive the serve.

Strategically, most players chose to stay behind the line in order to be ready to receive a deep return of serve.  

When and where to play in Neepawa


Monday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Thursday afternoons from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm


Neepawa First Baptist Church

219 PTH 5 North

Neepawa, MB

What Sports Zone are we? "West Region"

If you are joining online for the first time, the form will ask you what Manitoba Sports Zone you are in.  We are the "West Region" zone.