Pickleball Manitoba


New Memberships

Becoming a member in Pickleball Manitoba is fast and easy, 

  1. To join Pickleball Manitoba you must also join Pickleball Canada. The fee for to join is $20.00 per year. You do not have to join a club - when it asks for your club. You would select "V Club" if you don't belong to a club. 
    1. As of January 23, 2024, if you join Pickleball Canada / Pickleball Manitoba on September 1st or later in the year, your membership will extend to December 31st of the following year.
  2. To join, complete and submit New Member
  3. A confirmation email and membership number will be sent to you.

Membership Renewals

If you are an existing member, no need to sign up as a new member. You will receive an email from us 30 days prior to your expiry date.  That email will provide a link and instruction on how to renew.

Once your memberships expire, you will need to access  New Member.  It is not considered a renewal. 

Membership Expiry Dates

Looking to see when your membership expires. Log into your profile and click on the icon MEMBERSHIP CARD. If you are still having difficulty email us at 1pickleballmanitoba@gmail.com  

Printing your Membership Card - click on the below link

How to find/print your membership cards step by step information.pdf