Pickleball Sudbury

Pickleball Sudbury

Sudbury, Ontario

About Pickleball Sudbury


Our mission at Pickleball Sudbury is to foster a vibrant and inclusive pickleball community that promotes growth, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among players of all ages and skill levels. Through our dedication to providing quality programs, facilities, and resources, we aim to inspire a lifelong passion for the sport while nurturing individual development and promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

We are dedicated to securing designated pickleball courts and facilities in order to provide our members with consistent access to well-maintained playing spaces that meet their needs. Our association works collaboratively with local authorities to advocate for the growth and development of pickleball in Greater Sudbury.

Meet the Board Members:

John McCormick – President

Jim Fuchs - Vice-President/Membership Director

Janice Vettoretti – Treasurer

Marlene Warkus - Secretary

Jim Dickson - Director of City Core

Darry Ressmer – Director

Lynne Dixon - Director

Katelynn Aelick – Director