Saanich Peninsula Pickleball Association

Saanich Peninsula Pickleball Association

Saanich Peninsula, British Columbia

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Price $7.50 per registrant

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Additional Documents

Other Information

I recognize and understand that there are certain inherent risks [risk of injury due to
falling or being hit with the ball – risk of collision with walls, nets, paddles and other
players] to which I will be exposed and because of the nature and level of the sports
activity in which I have agreed to participate. In consideration of being allowed to
participate in the Saanich Peninsula Pickleball Association (SPPA) and all related
events and activities, I hold the SPPA and its representatives harmless should any injury
or loss occur as a result of my participation in Pickleball or any other associated
activities. I acknowledge that the SPPA is neither liable nor responsible for any damage
to, loss or theft of personal property.
I the undersigned give permission for SPPA to use or distribute, without limitation or
obligation, any record of the events which may include my voice or image. I authorize
the SPPA to contact me via email to keep in touch with Pickleball information, news,
tournaments, sales and so forth. As evidenced by my signature, I hereby, for my heirs,
administrators and assigns, release, waive and hold harmless SPPA, their directors,
agents, coaches, instructors and other members of the association, sponsoring
agencies, sponsors, advertisers and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used
to conduct the event, from any manner of claims or lawsuits that may result from my
participation in this sport.
By signing this membership form the applicant agrees to be bound by the Code of Ethics
and Court Etiquette as found on the reverse of this document
NAME ___________________________________
Address ______________________________________
City _________________________________
Postal Code _____________
EMAIL ___________________________________________
I have read the above and have signed voluntarily.
________________________________________ Date:____________________
June 2020
Phone #: _________________
Date of Birth: _________________
Do you want your name added to the SPPA e-mail list to members: ___Y ___N
CODE OF CONDUCT for both Indoor and Outdoor play
1. It is essential that all SPPA members and volunteers embrace the values of good
sportsmanship. As such, we aim to provide all participants with a safe,
competitive and enjoyable atmosphere.
2. All SPPA members shall treat everyone with courtesy and respect within the
context of pickleball, regardless of gender, place or origin, colour or ethnicity,
religion, political belief, economic status or ability. This requirement prohibits any
form of harassment or discrimination.
3. All SPPA members shall exhibit fairness and integrity, follow proper pickleball
etiquette guidelines and educate others to do the same;
4. All SPPA members shall not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct or encourage
others to do so, nor engage in any behaviour that would endanger the health,
safety or wellbeing of others.
5. Treat others in a courteous and respectful manner and refrain from using profane,
insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language either on or off the courts.
6. Abide by the International Federation Pickleball (IFP) rules and regulations.
The Saanich Peninsula Pickleball Association board has the right to caution any player
or player's guest for an infraction of the above code of conduct. Multiple infractions may
result in a suspension after consultation with the board and the offending member.
Etiquette for both Indoor and Outdoor play
1. Do not chase the ball onto another court. Be courteous and return other players'
balls that stray into and behind your court. If another team's ball is in your court
during play, in the interest of safety - stop your play and have the server reserve.
2. Be on time. Be early. Give yourself time to warm up properly. Be available to go
on the court when your next assigned court is available. Be respectful of those
players on the court and avoid unnecessary interruptions or crowding their
playing area.
3. All players start out as beginners. The better, more experienced players should
play with or against the less experienced players without hesitation. We are all in
the same association.
4. When play is completed and you are leaving the court, be courteous to players
still playing and ensure ample clearance behind and beside the courts that are in
play so as to not interrupt their game.
5. If the opponent claims there was a major distraction while hitting a shot (such as
a ball bouncing, or someone entering onto the court), don't hesitate to replay the
6. Leave no garbage behind. Remove any cans, containers, refuse from court area.