Seba Beach Pickleball and Tennis Association (SPATA)

Seba Beach Pickleball and Tennis Association (SPATA)

Seba Beach, Alberta


Fair play and sportsmanship are keys to success and enjoyment in any sport. To ensure safety and smooth operations on the pickleball courts, we request you follow the below guidelines:


  • Wear proper court shoes.
  • Consider wearing some sort of eye protection.
  • Always warm up before beginning your play session.
  • Do not run into other active courts when playing your ball.
  • Do not chase your ball through other active courts—wait for others to return your ball to you.
  • If a loose ball comes comes on your court or behind it, stop play immediately and call out "BALL". Then replay your rally.
  • When going to and from a court, be aware and stay well clear of other active players and courts.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated.