Shediac Pickleball Club

Play with us

We welcome new members and visitors on our outdoor courts on Jubilee St.

To join our club:

  1. You must join or have an active membership with Pickleball Canada and add Shediac as one of your clubs using the button JOIN-RENEW on this site.
    1. This will cost you a total of approximately $37 for Pickleball Canada, Pickleball NB and the Shediac club. If you are already a member of Pickleball Canada, you must add Shediac as one of your clubs (this will cost 20$).
    2. This fee will give you access to play on the outdoor courts on Jubilee Street and the courts in the Shediac arena.

2. You must add your name to a Shediac bubble on the PlayTime Scheduler site each time before you play.

 PlayTime Scheduler

If you need help, you can write to the club at:

We recommend that you follow Shediac Pickleball on Facebook for news or visit our website for more information.

To play as a guest on Jubilee St courts:

  • Pay a daily fee of $5 per player (in metal box at courts).
  • Must register in PlayTime
  • Follow Club rules and etiquette
  • Sign a waiver if you are not a member of Pickleball Canada via our email: