V-Club AB

V-Club AB

Welcome to PIckleball Alberta's V-Club!

V-Club (or virtual club) is an online place that enables you to join Pickleball Alberta (PA) and Pickleball Canada (PC) without joining any particular club in Alberta.  

  • Use this option to stay subscribed to our Pickleball Alberta (PA) newsletter, play in a sanctioned tournament in Alberta, or to enjoy any other PA or PC membership benefits.
  • Do not use this option if you wish to join any other affiliated club in Alberta. It conveys no additional advantages over joining that affiliated club directly, as you will also be joining PA and PC when you join that club.

If you have already paid your PC fee for this year, you will only have to pay a PA fee when you join V-Club.

Memberships in affiliated clubs, PA and PC are on a calendar year basis.

The fees are $5.00 for PA and $10 for PC, plus a small processing fee.

These fees are not refundable, nor are they prorated during the year, but if join for the first time between October 1 and December 31 of any year, your membership will be good to December 31 of the following year.

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Payment Methods


* Small processing fee applies