Welland Pickleball Club

Congrats!!! WPC Board and others.

We finally got it done.  The contract for the WPC use of the new courts at Empire Sportsplex is signed, sealed and delivered.  After much negotiation and discussion, we are thrilled with the outcome.  See you on the NEW courts!!

Proud to be Affiliated With:

Pickleball Is...

  • Easy to learn!
  • Fun to play!
  • An Age Friendly Sport!
  • For Beginners to Advanced!
  • The Fastest Growing Sport In North America!

Play Schedule

Seven Days a Week
Must reserve time on Team Reach

2022 WPC Events (tentative)

Apr 24 - Earth Day Cleanup Maple Park

May 5 - Cinco Dinko de Mayo Maple Park

Open House TBD

May 24 - Toonie Tuesday Tournament

June 5 - Rose Festival Tournament

June - Rose Parade (2023)

June 21 - Summer Solstice Event or Toonie Tuesday Tournie

July 3 - Canada Day Event

July 9 - Empire Sportsplex Grand Opening

July 19 - Toonie Tuesday Tournament

Aug. 7 - National Pickleball Day Tournament

Aug. 23 - Toonie Tuesday Tournament

Sept 5 - Labour Day Tournament

Sept. 20 - Toonie Tuesday Tournament

Oct. 6 - Thanksgiving Tournament

Oct. 23 - End of Season Event

Welland Pickleball Club
  • The Welland Pickleball Club is proud to be affiliated with and have the support of the City of Welland

    A Permissive Grant awarded in 2019
    by the City of Welland to the
    Welland Pickleball Club
    enabled the purchase of an AED
    for use at Maple Park


Prices & Deadlines

Regular deadline:
Registration Opened
Registration Fees

All prices in CAD $

Payment Methods



2022 Membership Fees are as follows:

Combined WPC, Pickleball Ontario and Pickleball Canada, PLUS City of Welland

  • WPC fee = $25.00/Adult (Youth 9 to 17 = $15 with an adult) for WPC play at Maple Park year round
  • Pickleball Ontario Provincial fee = $10.00
  • Pickleball Canada fee = $10.00 + $1.12 processing fee
  • City of Welland fee for WPC 2 court rental at Empire Sportsplex:
    Please contact WPC for City fee information.
  • WPC hours of play for June and July at Empire Sportsplex are: Sunday 12 - 2; Monday 10 - 12; Tuesday 5 - 7; Wednesday 2 - 4 AND Thursday 6 - 8
  • You get up to FORTY hours of Club play per month!!
  • NOTE: WPC events and tournaments will be held at the Empire Sportsplex - most are included with the City of Welland rental fee.

A) NEW members can process registrations by clicking on JOIN/RENEW button above.

B) RENEWAL reminders for next year will be sent early December to renew your PCO/PAO and will include the WPC Club Fee.  Note: You do not need to pay ANY memberships until you receive a reminder.

C) All memberships will expire December 31 annually. There is no pro-rating. Members who register or renew PCO, PAO and WPC from Oct - Dec will have a December 2023 expiry for all three organizations.

If you have any questions, we are here to help. Please email: wellandpickleballclub@hotmail.com

Did You Know... ?

2018 -
WPC inaugural year membership offered at NO CHARGE (+ PAO membership)

2019 -
WPC annual membership offered only $25 (+ PAO membership)

2020 -
WPC annual membership offered at NO CHARGE to returning members and ONLY $10 for new members 
(+ PAO and PCO membership)

2021 -
WPC annual membership offered at $20 (+ PAO and PCO membership)
WPC absorbed online membership processing fee

2022 -
WPC annual membership offered at 2019 pricing of $25 (+ PAO and PCO membership)
WPC again absorbing online processing fee

Newsletter - Spring 2022

(March 5, 2022)

WPC Members,

Spring is just around the corner…we’re getting ready! As COVID restrictions are easing, we encourage our members to continue to enjoy playing pickleball safely; and if you have been away from the courts, we look forward to welcoming you back.  

As you are aware, a committee representing the Welland Pickleball Club has been in discussions with the City of Welland regarding Club access and use of the pickleball courts at the Empire Sportsplex. The grand opening of the facility is scheduled for mid-May. Negotiations with the City have proven to be difficult and we would like to advise that we are continuing in those negotiations with the goal of meeting our scheduling needs and obtaining the best deal monetarily for our members. As soon as final arrangements have been reached we will advise further.

As most of you know, the WPC was awarded a grant in late 2019 by the City of Welland to purchase an AED (defibrillator) and training. Both were purchased with the AED being stored in the Vault at MP. The training has had to be postponed due to Covid-19. We would now like to go ahead and get the training done. We want to offer all our members a chance to obtain this invaluable lifesaving course for free. There is a limit of 15. If we get a response greater than 15, we will choose those players who are out playing at the MP courts the most as there would be a greater chance of them being at the courts should the AED/CPR training be required. We are hoping to get at least 8 of our members interested in attending. Plans are being made for the training to take place in Niagara Falls before the end of March.

In addition, we note that our group of members have been recognizing birthdays by posting on Team Reach. The social and supportive actions of our members are encouraged and we would like to continue to recognize each and everyone’s special day. If you do not wish to have your birthday posted on Team Reach please let us know and we will refrain from doing so.

Welland Pickleball Club is looking forward to the return of our regular fun events and some new ones. A tentative Event Schedule for 2022 has been posted on our website pickleballcanada.org/club/wellandpickleballclub

Also, many thanks to all those hardy individuals who work to keep the Maple Park court safe and playable in the winter conditions.

Stay safe, and get out there and PLAY!!

WPC Board of Directors.