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White Rock, British Columbia

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Communictions and Privacy Policy

Communications and Privacy Policy

Purpose: This Policy is intended to serve the interests of White Rock Pickleball Association (WRPA) members by ensuring the relevance of communications delivered and protecting their privacy.

E-mail List: The WRPA membership list is managed both electronically and manually. Emails to members are through the whiterockpickleball@gmail.com account which has restricted access. All communications through the emails must be relevant to WRPA as a whole or have Committee approval. The list is strictly confidential to protect the privacy of our members and must not be shared with unauthorized people or sold for commercial purposes.

Facebook: The WRPA Facebook account is managed by an authorized person to share photos, events and stories of general interest to WRPA members. Membership is accepted on a fairly flexible basis based on the individual's connection to pickleball and our community. The focus should be on pickleball and discretion used by the administrator to delete any inappropriate posts.

WhatsApp: The WPPA WhatsApp account is the most widely used general communications medium for our members. It is not for private conversations; these need to take place outside of WRPA WhatsApp. The original intent for WhatsApp was to inform players of court conditions, schedule games and coordinate pickleball court times. The scope and volume of communications have grown and become a nuisance for many members. This Policy intends to allow limited individual communications such as a member's hello from a pickleball vacation or an announcement for a worthy personal cause. However, such personal communications by members must be limited to single occurrences. The WhatsApp administrator should use discretion to delete repetitive messages or inappropriate content.

Issued: January 24, 2024

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Parking Information

With the upcoming spring season nearing, the 2024 Centennial Parking Decals are available for purchase now. The price is $19+tax ($19.95). As a convenience, decals can be purchased online and mailed to you by completing the form here. The 2024 Centennial Parking Decals are valid until March 31, 2025, and are valid in the Centennial Park Arena Parking Areas, the meters along North Bluff Rd nearest to Centennial Park, and the meters at the North Bluff entrance to the park. Please be advised that you will need to continue to pay for parking until you have received your decal and affixed it to your front lower left windshield.

Decals may also be purchased in-person during normal business hours at:

  • Centennial Park Leisure Centre Office – 14600 N. Bluff Road
  • Kent Street Activity Centre – 1475 Kent Street
  • White Rock Community Centre-15154 Russel Avenue

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