Yukon Pickleball Association

About Us

When the game of pickleball reached the Yukon a small group of players gathered on an outdoor asphalt rink surface with their own net and chalk drawn court lines to play. As the numbers grew the Canada Games Centre began offering scheduled time periods and pickleball equipment. Pickleball was played indoors over the winter months until the outdoors beckoned and they returned once again to the asphalt rink surface to play. A rise in participants occurred after two Yukoners attended the 55+ Senior Games held in Brampton Ontario, August 2016, to compete in pickleball. Earning one point was all this team required to show the competition their Yukon spirit. The following winter the ElderActive Recreation Association became aware of its members interest in pickleball and hosted a winter tournament at the CGC. By the 55+ Senior Games in 2018 the Yukon pickleball team consisted of 16 players and our membership continued to increase. In the spring of 2019 Yukon Pickleball Association was formed and became a registered non-profit society with the objective of becoming the sport governing body for pickleball in the territory. In the spring of 2024 we met our objective of becoming certified as the Yukon Sport governing body for pickleball.

Our goal is to promote pickleball to all ages throughout the territory, provide support to players of all skill levels and continue to seek out alternate locations for play.