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Overall Vision Statement for Winnipeg West Pickleball Committees:

At Winnipeg West Pickleball, our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive community where the joy of pickleball is experienced by all. We believe in fostering camaraderie, skill development, and a sense of belonging. Volunteers are the backbone of our success, driving the achievement of our collective goals. By joining our committees, you contribute to the growth and well-being of our club, ensuring that every member has access to top-notch facilities, engaging events, and a supportive network. Your involvement helps shape the future of pickleball within our community, making it a sport that not only excites on the courts but also enriches lives beyond. Together, let's build a legacy of teamwork, passion, and shared achievement that defines Winnipeg West Pickleball.

Committee Details and Volunteer Hours with More Detailed Job Descriptions:

  • Tournaments Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: 20-30 hours during tournament preparation, fewer during off-season.

Job Description:

Tournament Director: Plans, organizes, and oversees all aspects of Winnipeg West Pickleball tournaments.

Event Coordinator: Manages logistics, participant registration, and ensures smooth tournament operations.

Volunteer Coordinator: Recruits, trains, and manages volunteers for various tournament tasks.

  • Health and Safety Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: 10-15 hours, with additional time during events.

Job Description:

Safety Officer: Identifies and addresses safety concerns on and off the court.

First Aid Coordinator: Ensures that necessary first aid supplies and personnel are available during events.

Health Education Liaison: Disseminates relevant health information to Winnipeg West Pickleball club members.

  • Court Scheduling and League Play Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: 15-20 hours, more during league seasons.

Job Description:

Scheduler: Manages court scheduling for regular play, leagues, and special events.

League Coordinator: Organizes and oversees Winnipeg West Pickleball leagues, ensuring fair play and enjoyable competition.

  • IT and Web Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: 10-15 hours, varying based on website updates and event promotion.

Job Description:

Website Manager: Maintains and updates the Winnipeg West Pickleball website with relevant information.

Social Media Coordinator: Manages social media accounts to engage members and promote club activities.

IT Support: Provides technical support for online platforms and tools used by the Winnipeg West Pickleball club, managing and supporting the integration with the Pickleball Canada National System, ensuring seamless connectivity and troubleshooting technical issues.

  • Court Maintenance and Facilities Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: 10-15 hours, more during seasonal maintenance and facility upgrades.

Job Description:

Facilities Coordinator: Oversees the upkeep and improvement of pickleball facilities, including court maintenance.

Equipment Manager: Manages inventory and maintenance of pickleball equipment.

  • Player Development - Clinics - Drills - Youth Development Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: 15-20 hours, with additional time during youth events and clinics.

Job Description:

Player Development Coordinator: Plans and organizes clinics, drills, and youth programs.

Youth Development Liaison: Coordinates activities specifically tailored for youth players.

Skill Development Instructor: Leads instructional sessions for various skill levels.

  • Fundraising - Apparel Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: 10-15 hours, more during fundraising campaigns.

Job Description:

Fundraising Coordinator: Develops and executes fundraising campaigns and events.

Apparel Manager: Manages the design, production, and sale of Winnipeg West Pickleball club-branded apparel.

  • Membership Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: 10-15 hours, more during membership drives and events.

Job Description:

Membership Coordinator: Manages member registration, renewals, and inquiries.

Member Engagement Coordinator: Organizes events and activities to enhance member involvement.

  • General Help - Public Relations Committee:

Approximate Hours Per Month: Variable, depending on event schedules and public relations efforts.

Job Description:

Public Relations Coordinator: Manages communication with local media and community stakeholders.

Event Support Volunteers: Provides assistance during Winnipeg West Pickleball club events and activities.

By taking on these roles, you actively contribute to the realization of our shared vision, making Winnipeg West Pickleball a vibrant and thriving community for all its members. Your dedication to these detailed responsibilities helps ensure the success and sustainability of our Pickleball Club. Together, we build a legacy of teamwork, passion, and shared achievement that defines Winnipeg West Pickleball's commitment to excellence.

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And finally, do you realize that after 5 years in existence 50% of Winnipeg West Pickleball's executive is over 70 years old! This group cannot continue to be the driving force for the future. We need new, younger people to start stepping up and taking over. Being on a committee is a great start to getting involved, or make the jump directly and put your name forward for being a future board member.