Drill the skill sessions

Drill the skill sessions

November 7-30th, 2022Manitoba

Drill the Skill

As a part of our evolving Pickle Skills - Player Development Program, we want to advise Winnipeg West members of another opportunity to grow your game.

Starting Wednesday November 9th, 2022 (and ending on December 14th, 2022), “drill the skill sessions” will be held at Bruce Oak Recovery Centre, 255 Hamilton St. (St. James). Each session will run from 8 AM to 10 AM.

These sessions are free of charge. You must be a club member to participate. 

Participation at each session is limited to 20 persons. Note: December sessions are limited to 14 to have the ball machine available on one court.

The purpose of these sessions is twofold:

a) to develop, through the practice of progressive drills, your abilities in all areas of pickleball play - from footwork to stroke improvement to court coverage. A ball machine will be used for development of specific skills. 

b) based on the November to December 2022 trial period, a plan for the continued provision of these sessions during the 2023 outdoor and indoor seasons will be developed.

These sessions will not offer detailed instruction, as did the Pickle Strokes sessions.

These sessions are for club members that:

a) Want to improve their consistency and control of all the pickle strokes.

b) Are sufficiently skilled at, and knowledgeable about pickleball*, to participate in co-operative drills.

c) Are intentional in their approach to improving their playing capabilities, in a fun and supportive environment.