Drop In Sign Up Thur.  April 11

Drop In Sign Up Thur. April 11

April 11th, 2024Lacombe, Alberta

Prices & Deadlines

Regular deadline:
January 21st, 2036 11:59pm (Mountain Time)Registration Opened
Registration Fees

Free Registration!

Registration and Cancellation Instructions

Instructions to sign up (register):

1: Click "Register".

2: Fill in Name and select Club.

4: Select 5:30-7:15PM or 7:15-9:00PM

You will see this message:

(This message does not mean that the time slot is full, it means that one of the two time slots is the maximum allowed per person. (You can only register for one of the two timeslots). Proceed to step 5.)

5: Click "Proceed to Next Step".

6: Fill in email address.

7: Click "Confirm Registration"

Instructions to cancel a sign up:

1: Click login, and login to Pickleball Canada.

2: Click "My Registrations", which will open a list of events you are registered in.

3: Click the red "X" to "Remove Entry" to cancel your registration.

4: Click My Account, and select LOGOUT.

Cancel Registration of Drop in Tutorial (PDF)