Indoor Registration October

Indoor Registration October

August 10th - December 31st, 2022Winnipeg, Manitoba

Indoor Play Registration October 3 to December 31.

Welcome to Winnipeg West Pickleball Indoor Registration.

You are currently registering for October 3rd. to December 31st. play.

If your desired time slot (level of play) is full and no others work for you, register anyway to be added to the wait list for that full time slot. It's free to be on the waitlist. If there is enough interest in certain slots we may be able to swap times and or locations to get people in.

You can register for one of Five time slots (divisions) of 2 hours per day. You will play 3 days a week, at either SHCC or Bruce Oake Recovery Centre.

There are 1-2 spots remaining in Advanced C and Saturday Morning Working Group only.

The confirmation list will show you others that have registered in each division.

There are 5 time slots of 20 players. One Novice-Intermediate, one Intermediate, 3 Advanced. You will play 3 times a week at alternating days and times.

New!!!!  Saturday Morning 8:00 to 10:00 exclusively for our members still doing the 9-5 thing! WWPB reserves the right to limit players by skill to obtain an acceptable playing mix. 

Group times will alternate daily and change overall monthly as we did last year (down one time slot).

Example: Advanced B is at Bruce Oake time slot #4 M,W,F for October. For November Advanced A will be at Bruce Oake, Advance B will have time slot #5, Advanced C will move to Time Slot #1.

You are signing up for October, November and December (13 weeks). The cost will be $130.00 plus payment fees of $7.21 ($10.55 week, $3.51 per day). As we spent in excess of $600 on balls last winter, we are charging a one time ball fee of $10.00 per registrant.

The Saturday morning only slot (13 weeks) is $65.00 plus payment fees. 

WWPB Club membership is also required, if you are not a member and are only playing indoors don't register until October 1st. and receive a 15 month membership (doesn't expire until Dec. 31st 2023).

WWPB reserves the right to optimize playing groups. All divisions are cap'd and wait listed (free), to aid us in adjusting players if possible.

There is no "Learn to Play" lessons in any of these time slots. 

Working people, the Saturday morning 8:00 -10:00AM slot is available to book.

As last year we are requesting all players be vaccinated for Covid19.

If you were previously waitlisted in another group and are having trouble registering, email ""