Little Harbour Pickleball Club

Little Harbour Pickleball Club

Nova Scotia


Current Members of Little Harbour Pickleball Club...

Due to the late opening of the courts last year Little Harbour Pickleball Club members who joined in 2021 will not have to pay club fees for 2022. You can renew with PNS/PCO any time now and expiry dates for all 3 (PCO, PNS, and Little Harbour) will be December 31st, 2022. You can either wait until you receive your renewal notice around December 1st, or you can do it any time now. Please renew by December 31st to ensure your insurance coverage doesn't lapse. The charge will only be for PNS/PCO so it'll be $16.42. If your total shows any other amount please check with Heather before paying an incorrect amount.

New Members of Little Harbour Pickleball Club, Pickleball NS, and Pickleball Canada...

Welcome!!! We look forward to having you join us. Your registration total will include the Little Harbour Club fee of $75 (or $125 for family) plus the PNS/PCO fees and taxes and service charge. See chart on the left.

All players including drop ins must sign up to play using All players must have a Pickleball Canada/Nova Scotia membership available at Pickleball

Drop in fees of $5.00 per session payable at the courts during scheduled Open sessions for non members. Drop in players must also sign up on prior to playing.

For scheduling and other useful information please visit or our Facebook page Little Harbour Pickleball.

Payment Methods


* Small processing fee applies