Kamloops Pickleball Club

Kamloops Pickleball Club

Kamloops, Colombie-Britannique

Kamloops Pickleball Club Fees for 2023

Kamloops Pickleball Club Membership Dues:
2023 Membership dues include membership to PBC and PCO memberships ($12.50) $65.00.

Membership dues are for the period: January 1 – December 31.

  • $32.50: Kamloops Pickleball Club operations 
  • $20.00: Court development fund 
  • $12.50: PBC and PCO memberships
  • $65.00:  Total Fees

Kamloops Pickleball Club members are required to have current PBC and PCO memberships to book and play during club times. 

If you are a current member of PBC and PCO, this fee will not be charged

        Other membership types

        Junior and student membership fees be as follows
          • $20.00 Court Development Fee
          • $10.00 KPC Operational Fee
          • $12.50: PBC and PCO memberships
          • $42.00 - Total Fee
        Family memberships
          • Both adults pay full regular fees ($65.00 each)
          • First child pays regular fee plus junior discount ($42.50)
          • 2nd and additional children pay only PCO and PBBC fees ($12.50)

        Member types

        • persons less than 18 years of age is a “junior”
        • students are persons aged 19-25 years of age
        • family members include adult membership for two adults (parents/guardians) and one or more children under the age of 18, living in the same household hereinafter referred to as “families”.
        • adults members 18+ years of age, hereinafter referred to as “adults”

        Tarif et dates limites

        2023 Dues Registration opens Oct 1, 2022 through to Dec 31, 2023
        Inscriptions ouvertes
        Frais d’inscription
        Enregistrement de la famille
        Nombre maximal de membres : 5
        1ère membre : 52,50$
        2ème membre : 52,50$
        3ème membre : 30,00$
        4ème membre : 12,50$
        5ème membre : 12,50$
        Junior and Student (to age 25)30,00$
        Adult Membership52,50$
        Autres inscriptions52,50$ par inscrit(e)

        Tous les tarif sont en CAD $
        Politique de remboursement : AUCUN frais N’EST REMBOURSABLE.