Pickleball Club of Grey Highlands

Pickleball Club of Grey Highlands

Grey Highlands, Ontario

Member's Update - Winter Wake-up Call!

Youth Rally Club going gangbusters! We now have over a dozen fantastic youth club members playing Wednesday evenings at Macphail Memorial Elementary School. As a result, we could really use some more paddles as loaners. If you have an old, gently-used paddle in your closet that you would like to donate, please contact Bryden on TeamReach.

The Very Popular and Entertaining Friday Night Ladder. The second session will finish off on March 1st. There will be one Friday night of open play on March 8th. The third session of the ladder will start again on March 22nd following March Break for the schools. Look to TeamReach for instruction from Norm for signup to the third session. Check out our website as well for commentary on ladder play. In recent weeks we have seen some excellent play in all four boxes on the ladder. Great job Norm!

Wednesday night at the gymnasium. This adult program for all skill levels is also perking along. Beth is doing wonderful creative things around special days like Christmas and Valentines Day. See the photo gallery to catch the flavour. Beth has got a very nice vibe going. As a special bonding exercise, after the Sweetheart Rally, we trooped over to the Legion in Flesherton to share a bevy. Moderation in all things, it was lovely sharing a love/war-story or two on a cold winter night.

Find us on Facebook! Pickleball Club of Grey Highlands is now live and available to join. Created and administered by Beth, our talented Vice President, our FB page will be active and fun (PBGH on Facebook Link).  Be sure to have a look and join up, as long as you are comfortable sharing your pickleball exploits.

Our website a source of ongoing interest. The home page is updated on a regular basis. It is your conduit to all the resources at Pickleball Ontario and Pickleball Canada. The photo gallery, only available to Club members, presents some of the memorable moments in the Club’s short history. Plus, of course, a few we might like to forget.

Our outdoor season starting to take shape. We recently heard from “Club 32”, with news of some improvements they are promising, notably a portable-washroom on site. We will be confirming our Club times and events in the next few weeks and will share that information in our next Update. Memorial Park will continue to be our Club rallying point in Flesherton, beginning in May, weekday mornings, and especially on Sunday mornings for our irreverent but good-hearted “Church of Pickleball” sessions. Pickleball in the park, the way it is meant to be played!

“A Court, a court, my kingdom for a pickleball court!” Our recent power-point presentation to a handful of players at Osprey Rec Centre resulted in some meaningful feedback, to help in our quest for a dedicated outdoor pickleball facility. Reid gained valuable insight into how the presentation could be modified to better explain who we are and why. The next step is to meet with Markdale Rotary to explore mutual interests and possible combined efforts in finding a location and raising funds.

Town Hall Tuesday! Oyer, Oyer! BTW, our man Reid boldly represents “the nobodies” in Grey Highlands who think we have the right number of arenas but too many ice pads. Re-purposing just one ice pad would be a welcome outcome for several recreational groups in the Municipality and the arena would remain a vital community meeting place. There is a Town Hall 7pm, Tuesday February 20th at the Kinplex in Flesherton, an opportunity for ordinary citizens, such as ourselves, to express our concerns to Council. The more nobodies who speak up, the better. Maybe someday we will become somebodies! We need a place to play, indoors and outdoors.

Keep your paddles up and your feet dry. Spring is just around the corner.