White City Emerald Park Pickleball Club


In 2012, our founders, Ambrose and Mavis Reschny played pickleball at their southern home in Mesa, Arizona.  Upon returning to Canada, they brought their love of the game with them, and began canvassing the Town of White City to make some repairs to the two under utilized tennis courts for a new game called Pickleball.

In 2013, Ambrose and Mavis invited a few friends to play the game during the summer months.  The courts were marked with chalk for the kitchen and boundary lines.  The pickleballs often ended up outside the courts or on the neighbouring tennis courts, as there were no dividers. 

What was the same from the first time that pickleball was played up to today is the laughter, the camaraderie with everyone, and the resulting quick addiction to wanting to gather again and again for more of the same.

Before too many years had passed, the size of the group grew to something larger than just a handful of friends.  

Over the years, the venue has improved with the co-operation of the town.  There is presently a very nice little facility with two permanent courts and dividers and two courts that can be used with portable nets.  There has been improvements of lighting and parking and with more to come in the future.

In 2016, the group of players developed into a Club with a Board of Directors that meets regularly.  

In 2019, prior to the onset of COVID-19, our Club reached 100 members strong.

In 2020, in spite of covid, the trees in the laneway were removed to provide for much needed additonal parking spots.  The Club maintained a membership of 50 strong and dedicated members.

In 2021, the Club in partnership with the Town of White City top surfaced the courts with ashpalt, repainted lines and purchased four permanent net systems as well as additional wind screens.

THe courts are looking fantastic and there is a committment from the Town to add a "picklepave" topping in 2023.  

Each spring, the Club has hosted an "Open House" for the community - a sort of "try it out before you buy it event" and all of them have been very well attended.  

The Club also hosts a "fun" event with a tournament like atmosphere and many prizes being awarded to the participants.

We can't wait to see what is in store for the Club in the near future..