Bow Valley Pickleball Club Winter 2023 Indoor Play Tickets

8 janvier - 28 février 2023Canmore, Alberta


Hello Everyone,

Many thanks for over 50 respondents to our recent survey about indoor play opportunities. We have used those survey results to build our Winter Indoor Play Program at the Canmore Rec Center.

Survey results told us you wanted to play twice a week, preferably mornings and that you liked the Round Robin format. There was some interest in Open Play but on the main, you preferred to play with others at your skill level. There was considerable interest in weekend play and sign ups for the Fall Indoor Play season told us you were busy with other activities on Thursdays.

And 80% of the survey respondents told us they wanted to purchase Ticket Packets for the Winter Indoor Play Program which is terrific!

So, here’s the plan –

We have created two Winter Indoor Play periods – the first is January and February. Indoor play is also planned for March and April but details will be finalized in later in February.

In January, dates and times can be found on the calendar found HERE

In February, dates and times can be found on the calendar found HERE.

For the January/ February Winter sessions we will again sell “Ticket Packets” – this time 7 Tickets for $50. Ticket Packets will be available to BVPA members only and on our website starting November 28 at 6:00 PM.

A few words about our “ticket packet” system - participants will use one “ticket” for each event at which they play. Ticket purchasers will again be able to sign up for the sessions in the usual way through our website. This is not drop in play and our mantra remains “no ticket, no play”.

You may purchase your “ticket packet” with your 2022 BVPA membership but you must be a 2023 BVPA member in order to play in the January/February Indoor sessions.

The “tickets” will be transferable so friends can share a packet of tickets with players at the same level. For example, Advanced tickets may only be shared with Advanced players.

Unused tickets will expire on February 28,2023.

In a nutshell then, please renew your 2023 membership and emblazon this date on your calendar – November 28 at 6:00 PM. Then you'll be all set to purchase your “Ticket Packets” for Indoor Play at the Canmore Rec Center!

Questions? Comments? Always welcome. Contact