WKPC Weekly Organized Play 2023


  • Coed Play means that you might be playing against 2 men, 2 women or 1 man/1woman.
  • Partner Play means that you play with the same person for that day. Once you have found a partner please have only 1 player register the team for the event.
  • When signing up for skill based play (i.e. the Saturday Coed 4.0+ group) please consult this link if you are uncertain as to your pickleball skill level. 
  • You are not restricted to 0.5 increments when entering your skill level. A skill level of 3.99 is totally fine if you think that you are very close but not quite at a 4.0 level. 
  • If you need to withdraw from an event please do this yourself. If you want to see a video walkthrough on how to withdraw from an event please click here.
  • If you are trying to register and the system says that you have already registered you can go into your Pickleball Canada Account and look under My Registrations to see which events you have already been registered in.

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