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Tournament Tiers and Sanctioning Fees

  • Tier I – National Tournament – Reserved for Pickleball Canada National and Regional Tournaments
  • Tier II ($100) – Provincial Tournaments - Reserved for Large Provincial Events. Tier 2 tournaments must have a minimum of 100 entries and at least 8 entries per event
  • Tier III ($75) – Local Tournaments –The requirements for a Tier III are as follows:
    • If under 100 entries, there must be an average of at least 7 entries per event
    • If 100 or over entries, there must be an average of at least 6 entries per event
    • If 200 or over entries, the must be an average of at least 5 entries per event.
  • Tier IV ($50) – Small or New Tournaments – The tournament must have at least 40 entries. Most new tournaments will be given a Tier IV rating until the number of entries and number of entries per event can be establish upon the completion of the tournament.

Fees are due when the Tournament receives provisional sanctioning from the Pickleball Canada Tournament Chair. Once the fees are received the Tournament Director will receive Sanctioning Logos, be granted formal sanctioning and the tournament will be placed on the Pickleball Canada Tournament Calendar.

Tournament Tier

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