Blind River Pickleball Club

Blind River, Ontario

New Pickleball Courts

We would like to announce the grand opening of our new dedicated pickleball courts located on Indiana Avenue, just east of the community centre. On Thursday August 10th, approximately 40 members of our community participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony. We listened to speeches from Sally H (our Mayor), Dick H (Tennis Director), Karen B (Director of Facilities and Community Services), Linda R and Fred N (Co-Chairs of the Pickleball Club). After the formalities, 26 Pickleball enthusiasts took to the courts for some friendly competitive play.

Speech from Linda R and Fred N, our Co-Chairs of the Blind River Pickleball Club.

Thank you for joining us today to celebrate the opening of our shared Pickleball and Tennis Courts. We would like to thank the Town of Blind River, its employees, town council, and our mayor for being supportive partners in helping make new courts a reality for our community.

During the last two years we have seen an incredible growth in our Pickleball membership. We look forward to working with our Tennis partners in helping to grow our respective Clubs.

Pickleball and Tennis offer people of all ages the opportunity to gather and enjoy each others company in a supportive and friendly competitive environment. With the opening of our new courts, we will have a place to play for many decades to come. We look forward to sharing this safe and inclusive space with our fellow racket enthusiasts.

We would like to thank Karen B, Director of Facilities and Community Services for being such a forward thinker and an advocate of healthy active living in our community. Without her support, dedication, and enthusiasm this project would never be possible.

On behalf of the entire Blind River Pickleball membership, thank you for making our dreams a reality.