Charlottetown Pickleball Club

Charlottetown Pickleball Club

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Before you Register

NEW - To access the weekly schedule at three venues, log in to the club page on the Pickleball Canada Website. Schedule goes live each Saturday at 6pm. Please use the "Venue Sign Up Links" link above to access the sign up link (You MUST be signed into your active Pickleball Canada account to access and see that link)

If you are new to the club or new to Pickleball, please contact for information about how the club operates.

  • We will give you a general orientation to how the club works and how to sign up for sessions, venue information and information that is appropriate to your level of play.

Other Information

April 14, 2024, updated -- Notes re Charlottetown Pickleball Club!


Your Charlottetown membership fee provides access to venues that the club coordinates. Please note: in most cases, an additional venue fee will apply.

Current venues include:

UPEI Sports Centre - Four courts in Gym 3. NEW - You will need to pay a $50 plus HST for a three-month membership fee at the Front Desk. NOTE - Effective May 27 to August 31, 2024. They will give you your ID card access to play pickleball, use the walking track, access the locker room facilities. There is free parking in the summer months. This venue fee goes directly to the university and not the club.

Sherwood Elementary School - Three courts. Players will need to pay for coaching classes PLUS a $2 VENUE fee or pay a $2 venue fee if just playing a regular session. We are donating this fee to the school at the end of the year, a common practice by pickleball clubs.

Immanuel Christian School Gym, 1-68 Allen Street - Quality four-court venue. We pay rent there so players will need to pay $5 to play.

Sherwood Elementary School - Three courts. Wednesdays from 5 to 8pm until the academic school year ends.

Court time is currently divided up in Beginners/Recreational, Intermediates, Advanced, and combination Intermediate and Advanced (self-rated). Please pick a level and sign up in only ONE level until you are ready to move up.

We have 26 hours of court time at UPEI. Two hours of our court time at UPEI is currently designated for Intermediate classes on Monday evenings, and two hours for a fun but competitive Round Robin Tournament for Intermediates and Advanced on Sunday evenings. We provide designated court times for new-to-the-sport players and recreational play. Beginner players do not stay in the beginner level for long so the majority of court time goes to the intermediate level and to the combo intermediate and advanced levels. Schedules are subject to change dur to university events, cancellations, or recognized holidays. Visit the Sports Centre webpage and download the UPEI Safe App to stay up to date on schedules.

So that all members have a chance to sign up, we ask that members sign up for a max of four times a week. The Monday Clinics and Sunday Roundrobin sessions are not included in the four as they cost additional fees. If there are spots open the night before play, by all means sign up and play. We volunteers who are coordinating the club operations are trying to accommodate the sometimes competing interests of players in our new and growing club. We thank you for your ongoing interest and patience.

We plan to be playing on outdoor courts at Hillsborough Park (start time to be confirmed by City of Charlottetown Parks and Recreation Department). The City of Charlottetown have pledged significant support and access to outdoor venues for the club.

Code of Conduct and Injuries

Charlottetown Pickleball Club operates using the Pickleball Canada By-Laws.

Note - unless you are in a tournament, please do not argue about line infractions. The call is made by the receiving team. If the receiving team can’t make the call, the serve is lost or the point goes to the other team.

Please review the Code of Conduct PDF listed on our club page on the PC website. Know that we will not tolerate poor behavior between players, board members, and/or coaches and players. Please call Lisa Murphy (902-940-1767) or Executive member Alva Coade if you witness or are directly involved in any infraction involving poor conduct. The matter will be dealt with immediately. The situation may be quickly resolved or it may require investigation and reporting. We will be discreet handling all complaints.


Wear protective eyewear. While it is not yet compulsory, the board strongly encourages protection from potential ball or paddle injury. This is especially important for times at the net. Two of our club members are local sales ambassadors for Karakal and CRBN. Also, wear court shoes with good grip when playing. We have Charlottetown court and pickleball-specific sneaker suppliers so buy local when you can. Bring cooling towels and water in to the court area in order to ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated. If you have a medical condition that other players should be aware of, such as insulin dependent diabetes, please let folks know what they need to do should you require assistance providing you with juice or carbs. Bring any food or drink with you to the gym to have ready for low sugars. Stretch pre and post play if possible. Listen to your body and stop play when you should. Remember to leave kit bags and outdoor shoes in the locker room at UPEI. Bring your own lock to secure items.

Weekly scheduling program

The club's current weekly scheduling program is at A link to our venue sign up page is accessed by clicking the Venue button at the top of our club page on this Pickleball Canada web page. Sign Ups for the week (Mon-Sun) are locked until 6pm on the preceding Saturday. Let us know if you have problems with the scheduling program. Executive member Parker Fisher is the lead on this.

As always, reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Let me know if you want information on other items.

On behalf of your volunteer club board VP Parker Fisher, Treasurer Todd Fraser, Secretary Alva Coade, Sydney Riggs, Paul Cheverie, Heather Fudge, Paul Bonenfant
Lisa Murphy, Club President

902-940-1767 call or text

Prices & Deadlines

Regular Deadline
Registration Opened
Registration Fees
2024 May 1 to Oct 31 Seasonal Membership$45.00
2024 to Dec 31 Balance of Year Payment$60.00
2024 April 1 to June 30 Quarterly Payment$25.00

All prices in CAD $

Payment Methods