East Rocky View Pickleball Club

East Rocky View Pickleball Club

East Rocky View County, Alberta


The format depends on the number of players and the preference of the group.  

  1. Available are Round Robin draws for 10 - 22 players.   
  2. Win/Lose boxes for Paddle Stack.  
  3. 14 or less players the winners remain on the court and split and two new players join.  After 2 wins you must leave with the losing pair allowing 3 new players on the court.
  4. Ladder sheets with advanced planning


  1. Upon a player’s arrival, place your paddle in one of the boxes, on top of paddles previously placed, keeping a balance between the two boxes.
  2. No paddle may be placed in the box for a player not yet present.
  3. A  player alternately pulls four paddles from the bottom of the Gold or Silver pile, and hands them to members playing on the next available court.
  4. Play may be scored or timed (e.g. “first to 11” or “12 minute game time limit”)
  5. At the end of each play, the two winning players must place their paddle ON TOP of those in the Gold box and losing players must place their paddles ON TOP of those in the Silver box. No exceptions unless to equitably rebalance paddles in the Gold and Silver boxes, by moving paddles from the TOP of one side to the TOP of the other.
  6. Absolutely no vertical (up and down) paddle shuffling in boxes, and no re-arranging of paddles in the boxes by the players.
  7. Breaks and Withholding Paddles: (a) Paddles should only be withheld (not placed in the box) if a member needs an extended break or is done playing. Paddles must never be withheld to play with a particular player. (b) When returning from an extended break, your paddle must go on top of the others in the Silver or Gold box, as determined by your most recent loss or win. (c) If a player is not present when their paddle is pulled, place their paddle on the top of stack in the same box it was drawn from.
  8. If there are three or seven paddles in a particular box when players come off the court, the two players required to place their paddles on top of these shall determine which paddle is placed first.
  9. When players go on to the court to play, previous partners should split and play with a person from the other pair. (a) If a two-some is practicing for a tournament, they may ask the other pair if they may play together. The other pair’s wishes will be respected. (b) This “two-some for tournament” exception does NOT extend to four-somes. (c) Rule 8 takes precedence over Rule 9a, and requires pairs practicing for tournaments to be split for at least the next round.
  10. Players who are uncomfortable playing with certain players should not attend a Paddle Box Play event.


Play is generally limited to the number of players the courts can accommodate. 

  1. Players are assigned a number at the beginning.
  2. Players play each game, on the court and with the partner designated, in accordance with a round-robin schedule and their assigned number.
  3. Each play session is timed. (12 minutes is usual)
  4. If time allows, play to 11, then start another game.
  5. When time is called, consult the round robin schedule to determine the court and partner or court-end you play in for the next timed interval.