Grande Prairie Pickleball Club

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Annual General Meeting

Our UPCOMING AGM is on Friday, August 27th at 6:00 pm at the pickleball courts.

Presentation and Discussion of:

1.  Financial Report  2021-08-18-12-57-01-1405062036-4465.pdf

2.  Roles and Responsibilities of the Board of Executives.  2021-08-03-01-25-00-556227651-4465.pdf

3.  Code of Conduct and Discipline.  2021-08-03-01-25-39-2138306383-4465.pdf

4.  Proposed Schedule.  2021-08-03-01-26-10-780214322-4465.pdf

5.  Election of new officers for the Executive Board

See you there at the courts.

Minutes from the AUGUST 2020  AGM held at the GPPC Courts


Financial Report presented at the AUGUST 2020 AGM