Manitoulin Island Pickleball

Club Development

March 9, 2021

WIth the completion of the 2020/2021 survey (see below), a review meeting was held on March 9, 2021. In attendance was: George Ballantyne | Pierrette Hebner | Bud Hedner | Mike Blanchard | Ken Stuart. Regrets from Keith Holtz | Lianne Masson

We have identified the following three year goals: (2021-2024)

  • Make pickleball on Manitoulin sustainable
  • Make pickleball more available to our Manitoulin community
  • Engage all age and demographic groups

MPG objectives:

  1. To play year round - add on a “winter season”
  2. To double our active memberships within 2 years (active means paying a yearly membership)
  3. To provide active programs in Introduction to sport, Sport for recreation and Competitive sport
  4. To establish programs in Coaching/Instructor and Officiating
  5. To have fun
  6. To have dedicated indoor pickleball facilities

We have organized into five main areas:

  1. Programs
  2. Play Co-ordinator
  3. Administration/Finance/Membership
  4. Communications/Marketing/Resources
  5. Planning

The next meeting will deal with deliverables for the 2021 Summer Season. A date will be published in the next MPG newsletter, expected towards the end of April, and will depend on the Covid guidelines for our region at that time.

2020/2021 SURVEY:

Survey results-questions 1-14

Survey results questions 15-22

Mantoulin Pickleball Group Promotional Video "Our Vision"

December 1, 2020

A follow up meeting was held on December 1, 2020. The following were in attendance:

Bud Hedner, Pierrette Hebner, and Lianne Mason - Regrets from Keith Holtze, George Ballantyne and Margo Bickell.

An open discussion dealt with concerns, possible solutions and how to proceed. We decided that we would survey the membership to engage each in the future direction of our club. Watch for that sometime in March, 2021

November 17, 2020

An informal meeting was held on November 17, 2020 to access the future of pickleball on Manitoulin Island. Attending the meeting:

Bud Hebner, Pierrette Hebner, George Ballantyne, Keith Holtze, and Margo Bickell.

It was agreed that there is a great future for the sport on the island. After a number of years of play, we felt it was time to provide more structure to our organization. We further agreed to have follow up meetings to organize the Manitoulin Island Pickleball Group. We will keep the membership updated as to our progress as we move forward. We welcome your comments, ideas and suggestions.