Manitoulin Pickleball Club

Pickeball Safety

This page contains links to useful information about pickleball safety.  If you have any suggestions for additions, please talk to one of the coordinators and we can add to this page!


Nobody ever wants to fall, but sometimes it happens, and it's useful to think beforehand about how to fall safely, so you can call on that information in the moment.  Here are a couple of videos discussing falls:

How to Fall Safely - 3 Breakfall Techniques

How to Fall Without Injury for Young Active to Seniors


Eye injuries are becoming more common as the pace of the game gets faster.  There is a wide variety of eyewear available and it is strongly recommended for safety.  It can also improve confidence near the net because the instinctive fear of injury is reduced:

Pickleball Eyewear: Benefits to Protective Eyewear on the Pickleball Court