Mono Pickleball Club

Mono Pickleball Club

Mono, Ontario

Vision and Mission

To provide a pickleball community that is designed:
- For Fun - For Fitness - For Everyone

To develop and grow the sport of pickleball in the Town of Mono and surrounding communities by:

  • Promoting and advancing affordable and equitable* access to the game of Pickleball,
  • Making available opportunities for recreational as well as organized play at all levels,
  • Providing an environment that encourages sportsmanship and where interactions are respectfully social, safe, and collegial.

*welcoming to participants regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or racial origin, citizenship, religion or physical ability

Mono College Park Location

Mono College Park (Cardinal Woods)
8 Hawthorne Road
Mono, ON L9V 1A3

Note: These courts are presently under construction; When completed MCP will have 6 dedicated pickleball courts, each separately fenced, with separate seating/viewing areas.

Additional Registration Information

Mono Pickleball Club (MPC) is a non-profit, volunteer, community based organization.

Our “MPC home” is at Mono College Park (Cardinal Woods). When court construction is completed there will be 6 permanent, dedicated pickleball courts.

MPC has arranged to rent space at the Athlete Institute for indoor play until early May 2024.

Joining Mono Pickleball Club provides you with the following opportunities:

  • Outdoor social play and most pickleball organized games at no additional cost at MCP when court construction is complete.
  • Indoor pickleball at Athlete Institute (on hwy 9), for an additional fee, as space allows. There are a limited number of spaces available so if you are a member of MPC be sure to register right away for play at AI.
  • Net lending program – borrow a pickleball net at no cost and arrange games with your family and friends. (courts are available at Lion’s Sports Pad).
  • Take a clinic with a MPC qualified coach with a max 4:1 ratio, at a very reasonable rate (recommended for beginners, novice and early intermediates).
  • Join other members for special club events and activities.
  • MOST IMPORTANT: stay up to date so you can become a member of MPC when registration reopens (presently registration is closed due to lack of resources to accommodate more members).
  • Current memberships expire on December 31st, 2023. Membership renewal for current MPC members opens October 1st, 2023.

The MPC registration form asks for your playing level.  All new members will be considered Beginner/Novice until they demonstrate the skills described on the matrix to play at the Intermediate level and above - MPC Skills Matrix. This will help with planning and accommodating the various needs of the members.

Beginner and Novice players are encouraged to access our clinics (see website for details) to work on the skills necessary to the enjoyment of the game for all involved. As well, you will be assigned to play on a designated court with players of similar skills if numbers permit. We have volunteers who will assist with skill development/learning the rules of the game/understanding the strategies, etc. Players are asked to respect and follow the instruction of these volunteers.

As a non-profit volunteer club, consider assisting with 1 or more of the opportunities mentioned on the registration form to help our club grow and prosper. 

    Thanks for your continued support for pickleball in Mono and the surrounding communities.

    Board of Directors, MPC

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