Mono Pickleball Club

Mono Pickleball Club

Mono, Ontario

Vision and Mission

To provide a pickleball community that is designed:
- For Fun - For Fitness - For Everyone

To develop and grow the sport of pickleball in the Town of Mono and surrounding communities by:

  • Promoting and advancing affordable and equitable* access to the game of Pickleball,
  • Making available opportunities for recreational as well as organized play at all levels,
  • Providing an environment that encourages sportsmanship and where interactions are respectfully social, safe, and collegial.

*welcoming to participants regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or racial origin, citizenship, religion or physical ability

Additional Registration Information

Reconstruction of the Mono College Park courts is scheduled for June 1 - August 31 2023. After reconstruction there will be 6 dedicated pickleball courts, and this will be the "home" of Mono Pickleball Club.

MPC has arranged outdoor pickleball at Lions Sport Pad (120 Diane Drive) in Orangeville. For information and registration click < here >.

The Board is actively pursuing other venues for outdoor play while the Mono College Park courts are under construction. As locations are finalized, the information will be posted on the MPC website. It may be necessary to rent space, in which case there will be a registration process and associated fees.

As always, watch the website ( for details as they become available.

Thanks for your continued support for pickleball in Mono and the surrounding communities.

Hope to see you soon.

Board of Directors, MPC