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Self-Rating Guidelines

Pickleball Player Ratings

A quick summary for Pickleball Antigonish Society (PAS)

Leslie Buckland-Nicks, March 2024

Pickleball players are generally grouped by their skill level into a rating system usually from 2.0 to 5.0. This can be evaluated subjectively by observing a player’s skills, or based on performance in recognized tournaments.

Subjective methods would be Self-rating using a skills chart, or having a Professional observe the player on the court. Performance based examples are Pickleball Brackets (approved by Pickleball Nova Scotia), and DUPR, both of which are used at different tournaments in Nova Scotia.

Recreational Players often Self-rate to choose their Level of play. Some clubs require rigorous methods, such as evaluation by a Professional.

PAS uses a Self-Rating system. Some sessions are for a particular Level, others are broader – i.e. open to participants from Level 2 to 5. Sessions that include a broad range of skill levels typically sub-divide participants into several groups with specific courts designated for a particular Level. It is best for all players if you play at the Level where your skills fit.

In PAS new players usually start at Level 2.0.and play at the 2.0 to 2.75 Level. Players enter the sport with different experience so will move quickly into their appropriate Level. To know when to move up to 3.0, 3.25 and 3.5+ we suggest you observe players at the next level, and consider the skill requirements and rating definitions in the self-rating guides. When ready, try playing ‘up’ and see if you are fitting in. If not, return to your normal level and further develop your skills. In-person Clinics and On-line Videos can be excellent resources. Players at higher levels should welcome players joining games to see if they are ready for the ‘next level’.

Self-Rating Your Pickleball Skill Level

Pickleball Canada Guidelines

1. Pickleball Canada 2 Digit Rating System

● This is a simple guideline https://pickleballcanada.org/ratings/2-digit-ratings/

2. Pickleball Canada Detailed Self-rating Guide


3. Pickleball Canada’s Self-Assessment Skills Guidelines ● These comments help guide competitive playershttps://pickleballcanada.org/ratings/self-assessment-skill-levels/IPTPA International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association This organization has a self-rating system that a player can use to evaluate their Skill Level. Evaluate your skills generally and for each type of stroke. Go on the court and see how you do! https://iptpa.com/iptpa-rating-skills-assessment/

Pickleball Canada 2 Digit Rating System (see link above)

Rating 2.5

• Can sustain longer rallies but not a fast pace• Makes most easy shots including backhands, but still needs some work• Able to approach the non-volley zone and hit volleys.• Aware of dinks• Good understanding of the rules• Struggles to cover the entire court

Rating 3.0

• Has a consistent serve and returns medium-paced balls reliably.• Able to make all basic strokes. Lacks control when trying to place the ball.• Attempts lobs and dinks with limited success.

Rating 3.5

• Consistent control and placement of medium-paced shots. Able to return fast-paced shots with slightly less success.• Improved control and placement of the ball.• Needs more shot variety.• Can play aggressively at the non-volley zone.• Anticipates opponent’s shots.• Learning the strategy of doubles play.