Strathcona County Pickleball Association

Welcome to SCPA!

Priority for membership is for residents of Strathcona County - the status of the membership is reviewed monthly by the Board to ensure proportionate registration between residents / non-residents of the County.

If you are new to Pickleball (i.e., have never played a game before or have very limited experience), we would ask that you email the SCPA Membership Director at for further information on options available to you prior to joining the Club.

You are presently at Strathcona County Pickleball Association ("SCPA") webpage on the Pickleball Canada National System (PCNS).  After viewing this page, press the Website button above to go to our main web-site to find out all you need to know about SCPA and what it has to offer you.

For individuals who wish to join the Club for the first time proceed as follows:

  • select the  “JOIN-RENEW” button. 
  • On the next webpage click the “JOIN” button
  • Select Alberta as the Province 
  • Select “Strathcona County Pickleball Association” from the drop-down menu as the club you wish to join.  
  • On the left, halfway down the page it says ‘Are you a new or renewing member?   If you have never been a Pickleball Canada member, pick the “I am new to Pickleball Canada” and complete your profile and registration.   

For existing members who wish to renew their membership they should:

  • login to your Pickleball Canada National System Account 
  • Under the Box entitled "Pickleball Canada Membership" it states the existing expiry date (# of days until expiration) and a "Renew" hyperlink that opens a box - "Renew your membership"
  • Please do not change your Zone

    Membership is valid from January through until December 31 of each year.  

    Membership Fees

    Membership Fees for 2024 year are:
    Adults $45.00 
    Youth $45.00 

    Plus Pickleball Canada and Pickleball Alberta fees as follows:
    Pickleball Canada Fees $10.00 
    Pickleball Alberta Fees $15.00 

    There is a small payment processing fee added when completing your payment.

    Payment Methods


    * Small processing fee applies

    Who We Are / What we Offer

    Member Handbook can be found at the below link and can also be found on our website

    Member / Player Handbook