Welland Pickleball Club

WPC Policies and By-laws (Jan. 2023)

Here you will find documents and information relating to WPC Policies

1.  BY-LAWS BL-007, most recent version ratified at the last AGM, 2023-01-25-20-30-09-233936130-263.doc

2.   Member Conduct Policy.  2023-01-25-20-30-51-1259506149-263.docx   2023-01-25-20-31-14-1553813025-263.docx

3. PCO Code of Conduct and Social Media policy can be found on their website at this link. All PCO policies are part of WPC Policies. https://pickleballcanada.org/g...

4. Pickleball Ontario Code of Conduct Policy can be found on their website at this link.  All PO Policies are part of WPC Policies.  https://pickleballontario.org/...

5. Guest and Trial Policy. 2023-04-07-15-03-27-966141773-263.docx

6. Guest and Trial Waiver.  Please print and sign and bring when you play.  2023-01-26-01-49-23-941128702-263.docx