Indoor Registration October 2023

Indoor Registration October 2023

September 10th - October 15th, 2023Winnipeg, Manitoba

Indoor Play Registration October 3 to December 31.

Welcome to Winnipeg West Pickleball Indoor Registration.

 Weekly people will play 3 days a week at either Sturgeon Heights CC {SHCC) or The Bruce Oake Recovery Centre (BORC) or The Mennonite School @ 250 Bedson St. (WMEMS)

  • There are 6 weekly groups, one Novice - leader TBD, one Intermediate - leader TBD, and four Advanced Ron's, Greg's, Bill's, Bryan's. Each group is cap’d at 21 players, with waitlist. If you wish pick the group you played with last year.
  • Saturday Morning - Rene's group at SHCC 8:00 to 10:00 is exclusively for our members still doing the 9-5 thing! This group is cap’d at 16, also has waitlist.
  • Wednesday Evening group at WMEMS 6:30 to 8:30 PM for working players! Cap'd at 12, with waitlist.
  • Group play times will alternate daily and change overall monthly as we did last year (down one time slot).
  • The confirmation list will show you others that have registered in each Group.
  • The Mennonite school only has two courts, but 4 hours, groups decide how to organize play.

The cost for weekly play (13 weeks) will be $130.00 plus payment fees of $7.47 

So for $130 / 13 weeks your cost is $10.57 per week or $3.52 per play day for 3 times a week. Relatively cheap play.

The Saturday morning play (11 weeks) is $65.00 plus payment fee of $3.87. Note: this is NOT an additional time slot for weekly players.

Saturday Overflow Group at WMEMS on Wednesday Evenings.

  • As we spent in excess of $600 on balls last winter, we are charging a onetime ball fee of $5.00 per registrant.

Sample playing schedule: (Correct for October)

WWPB Club membership is also required, if you are not a member and are only playing indoors don't register until October 1st. and receive a 15 month membership (doesn't expire until Dec. 31st 2023).

WWPB reserves the right to optimize playing groups. All divisions are cap'd and wait listed (free), to aid us in adjusting players if possible.

There is no "Learn to Play" lessons in any of these time slots. 

We will try to get everyone in to play. Preference will be given to prior years players.

Having trouble registering, email ""