Lethbridge Pickleball Club
  • Final 2023 Mass Assessment Clinics

    The Joint Ratings Committee is releasing our upcoming Mass Assessment Clinics for the end of the outdoor season. These will be the final assessments completed until we open up for Spring play in 2024 so if you are not yet rated, please download the Team Reach app and request to join the Ratings Clinic site (code: LCL2023) so you can sign up for a ratings clinic.

    We have posted the last remaining Mass Assessment Clinics and hope to get as many ratings completed as possible. Once you have the Team Reach site, check your home club/organization’s website for the Club Ratings Policy and sign up for the clinic that you feel you are ready for. If this is your first assessment, we will provide you with a rating but you are advised to sign up for the clinic that best describes your play.

    Once confirmed, please be sure to pay the $20 assessment fee at the LSCO before attending your clinic.

    August 31st, 2023