Lethbridge Pickleball Club
  • LPC Medal Winners from July 15&16 Southern Alberta Summer Games

    Men’s Doubles 3.0 18-64

    Rod Stone (SILVER) Ard Biesheuval (BRONZE)

    Men’s Doubles 3.0 65+

    Al Pettipas/Frank Pigat (GOLD) John Baugh/Kent Toone (SILVER) Tom Jespersen/Ron Fazio (BRONZE)

    Men’s Doubles 3.5 18-50

    Michael Bishop (GOLD) Glen Novak/Craig Turner (SILVER) Blaine Takeda (BRONZE)

    Mixed Doubles 2.5 55+

    Deborah Greeff/Michael (GOLD) Sandy Mercer (SILVER) Jane Friesen/Jerry Friesen (BRONZE)

    Mixed Doubles 3.0 50+

    Elizabeth Wong/Gordon Chan (GOLD) Bev Witzke/Klaus Witzke (SILVER) Cathy Cooper (BRONZE)

    Mixed Doubles 3.0 18-50

    Sara Peters/Kent Toone (SILVER)

    Mixed Doubles 3.5 OPEN

    Lisa Witzke/Michael Bishop (GOLD) Cathy Wood/Blaine Takeda (SILVER)

    Women’s Doubles 2.5 OPEN

    Sandy Mercer/Bev Witzke (GOLD) Shirley Fleming/Deborah Greeff (SILVER)

    Women’s Doubles 3.0 OPEN

    Cathy Cooper (GOLD) Dori Johnson/Vicky Kress (SILVER)

    Women’s Doubles 3.5 OPEN

    Lisa Witzke/Sara Peters (GOLD) Cathy Wood (BRONZE)

    17 juillet 2022
  • Medal Winners from Alberta Provincials in Medicine Hat July 8-10

    Men’s 3.0 Doubles 19-49 Mike Bishop/Blaine Takeda (BRONZE)

    Men’s 3.0 Doubles 50-64 Ron Erais/Richard Boras (SILVER)

    Men’s 3.0 Doubles 70+ Klaus Witzke/Rick Furukawa (BRONZE)

    Men’s 3.5 Doubles 60-69 Glen Novak (BRONZE)

    Men’s Singles 19-49 Cam Van Roon (BRONZE)

    Mixed Doubles 3.0 45-49 Mike Bishop (BRONZE)

    Mixed Doubles 3.0 55-59 Elizabeth Wong/Gordon Chan (BRONZE)

    Mixed Doubles 3.0 60-64 Sue Rougeau/Klaus Witzke (SILVER)

    Mixed Doubles 3.0 65-69 Val Boras/Richard Boras (SILVER)

    Mixed Doubles 3.5 19-49 Stacey Keraiff/Tyler Keraiff (SILVER)

    Mixed Doubles 4.5 50-69 Ilsa Wong/Mike Wagner (BRONZE)

    11 juillet 2022
  • President's Message

    President’s Message – JUNE 2022

    Next Saturday June 11 is Pickleball Day in Alberta. Come out to Legacy Courts between

    10AM and 2PM to participate in our great sport. Bring a friend or your family and let’s celebrate our

    great game with some friendly games. That day will also mark the beginning of our scheduled play so

    check your Team Reach App for upcoming days and times that suit your level of play.

    LEGACY REGIONAL PARK PICKLEBALL COURT UPDATE: As most of you know we are working with the city

    to build the parameters for the Capital Improvement Project (CIP) for 12 new Pickleball Courts at Legacy

    Regional Park. The 6 existing courts will be upgraded and 6 new courts will be built just north of the

    existing courts. We are currently in the design phase and once that is concluded we will move to the

    drafting and engineering stage. The project will then go out for tender. This process should take us to

    the end of the year with construction starting in the spring of 2023.

    WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN 2022? The city has agreed to partially fund temporary wind screens on the

    existing divider fencing that separates the six existing courts. We have ordered the temporary wind

    screens and they will be installed as soon as they arrive.

    MEMBERSHIP NEWS! A big welcome to all of our new members. As of June 1st the Lethbridge Pickleball

    Club has 164 members. To receive general information about the club and to sign up for scheduled play,

    members should download the club’s Team Reach App. Once downloaded, search for the code LPC2022

    and your membership will be approved. I look forward to meeting you on the courts.

    NEW RATINGS SYSTEM: On June 2nd the board of the Lethbridge Pickleball Club voted to accept the app

    called DUPR (Dreamland Universal Player Rating) as the official club rating system. DUPR is a recognized

    rating system that is for your club-based play only. If you play in tournaments, either Pickleball Brackets

    (Canada) or Pickleball Tournaments (USA) help you maintain your tournament rating. DUPR only uses

    club matches for ratings and therefore, only provides you with a rating for club-based play.

    Members are encouraged to sign up at mydupr.com and choose Lethbridge Pickleball Club as their DUPR

    club. The Ratings Committee will hold DUPR training sessions to help members begin using DUPR on a

    regular basis. Over the course of the outdoor season, club events will be posted to Team Reach that are

    solely based on your DUPR rating or include opportunities to input match scores into DUPR. In addition,

    all fall-winter indoor play will be based on DUPR ratings; so download the app and start inputting your


    The Southern Alberta Summer Games pickleball tournament will be

    held in Coaldale on July 15 and 16, 2022. This is a great opportunity for people new to the sport to come

    out and compete in a fun tournament. There are many age groups (12-18 up to 65+) and skill levels (2.5

    and under through to 3.5 and above) that are available to enter. To register for this tournament go to

    pickleballbrackets.com and search for tournaments in Alberta.

    I hope to see all of you on the courts on June 11! Paddles Up!

    Klaus Witzke


    3 juin 2022
  • Southern Alberta Summer Games Pickleball Event

    Hosted by the Coaldale Pickleball Club July 15 and 16, 2022

    Friday, July 15 MEN’S DOUBLES Coaldale Arena 1213 20th Ave, Coaldale

    WOMEN’S DOUBLES Coaldale Arena 1213 20th Ave, Coaldale

    Saturday, July 16 YOUTH EVENTS Eastview Park 1825 10th Street, Coaldale

    MIXED DOUBLES Coaldale Arena 1213 20th Ave, Coaldale

    ** Tournament information will be posted on pickleballbrackets.com by May 25, 2022 **

    Registration opens on June 1, 2022 starting at 6:00 PM – maximum 8 teams per category

    • Registration Fee: ADULTS $40 plus $10 for each event entered. Prices include GST.

    YOUTH $25 (with no additional charge for events entered)

    Registration closes on June 27, 2020 at 6:00 PM

    Register online through pickleballbrackets.com starting June 1, 2022

    How to set up a basic profile: (there is no fee to set up a profile)

    • Go to https://www.pickleballbrackets.com
    • Click on Sign Up (top right-hand corner)
    • Enter your email address (If you are a member of Pickleball Canada, enter the same email address you used when signing up for your Pickleball Canada Membership)
    • Click on Get Started
    • Fill in your first and last name (If you are a member of Pickleball Canada, use same spelling as on your Pickleball Canada membership)
    • Set up a password and click on Get Started.
    • Go to your email. Within your email, click on button “CLICK HERE to VERIFY
    • You will be taken back to Pickleball Brackets to continue your set up
    • Fill in all required information (please see IMPORTANT NOTES at the end of this document)


    • YOUTH: (OUTDOOR COURTS at Eastview Park, 1825 10th Street, Coaldale)
      • Categories: Boy’s doubles, Girl’s doubles, and Mixed doubles
      • Skill Level: one combined
      • Age brackets: 12 to 14 years and 15 to 17 years (Age is the age you will become in 2022)
    • ADULTS: (INDOOR COURTS at the Coaldale Arena, 1213 20th Ave, Coaldale)
      • Categories: Men’s doubles, Women’s doubles, and Mixed doubles
      • Skill Level: 2.5, 3.0, and 3.5 and above
      • Age brackets: (Age is the age you will become in 2022)
        • under 55 and 55+ for skill level 2.5
        • 18 to 50 years, 51 to 64 years, and 65+ years for 3.0 and 3.5+ skill levels
    • Team-based entry – your partner must be registered within 24 hours. If not, you will be moved to the waitlist. Registration is considered complete when both players have registered and paid the tournament fees.
    • Teams must play at the skill level of the highest rated partner and in the age category of the youngest player.
    • Categories may be merged based on event registration numbers.


    • Events will be double elimination with each match being best 2 out of 3 games to 11 (win by 1) on the “A” side of the draw. On the “B” side of the draw, each match will consist of one game to 15 (win by 1).
    • Smaller events (4 or fewer teams) will use Round Robin format, one game to 21 (win by 1)
    • Each team is guaranteed a minimum of two matches



    • Schedule may be adjusted day of event for no-shows and cancellations
    • All participants must be present at least 45 minutes prior to the start of your event. All start times are subject to change.

    MEDALS: Medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in each (combined) category.

    • Medal rounds may be refereed

    REFUND POLICY: Player-requested withdrawals will be accepted until June 30, 2022 at 6 PM, with a full refund less $12 administration fee. After June 30, 2022, no refunds will be provided.

    This tournament will abide by all Public Health Orders (PHO). Refunds will not be issued if cancellation is due to PHO reasons.

    (After May 25, 2022, complete listing of event/skill/age categories & other information will be posted on pickleballbrackets.com.)

    IMPORTANT NOTES when setting up your basic profile in pickleballbrackets.com

    • Self Assessment of your Skill Level (click on this link)- The tournament directors reserve the right to review, and possibly alter the rating of players who self-rate below or above their actual rating.
    • You will receive your game notifications and court assignments if you checked YES to “Receive in game text messages” AND Cell Carrier should be selected when setting up your Player Profile. Failure to show up on time for your games will result in a FORFEIT.
    18 mai 2022
  • Legacy Pickleball Courts

    The City of Lethbridge has approved a project that will expand and improve current pickleball courts.

    The project will see an additional six courts added at Legacy Park along with wind mitigation measures

    and a viewing area for the community during events or games as part of the Capital Improvement

    Program spanning from 2022 to 2031.

    General Manager of Recreation and Culture at the City of Lethbridge Robin Harper explained the

    decision to increase the number of courts was due to an increase in demand. He said pickleball is one of

    the fastest growing sports in North America and they are seeing that locally.

    During initial planning for the project, the possibility of repurposing the existing tennis courts into

    pickleball courts to save money was brought up, according to Harper.

    “We went to our engagement piece where we heard from both sides, pickleball and the tennis

    community, then we presented that information to city council,” said Harper.

    After consulting with a committee on the subject it was recommended to City Council to move ahead

    with the original plan, which was to build six new pickleball courts and leave the tennis courts alone.

    “We get the second pickleball courts, but we don’t affect the tennis community,” said Harper.

    This park project will see the 12 pickleball courts get a different surface as well, said Harper, which will

    allow tournaments or events to be played on them.

    “Right now, they don’t have enough courts to have events or tournaments on and it doesn’t have the

    right surface so that this will allow more of an ability for the community to access pickleball,” he said.

    An agreement for use and access to the courts will be developed through discussions with the

    Lethbridge Pickleball Club to ensure access to both the Club and the public. This agreement will change

    after the expansion takes place according to Harper.

    “With the addition of the six new courts, that agreement will be amended to include those six new

    courts in that same location,” said Harper. “It was an opportunity to partner with the local association to

    provide some services to those courts.”

    The Club will be responsible to coordinate and pay for operating expenses, including caretaking, grounds

    maintenance, utilities and tenant insurance. Harper said the benefits to the club are substantial as it will

    provide a central location for their club to participate in and will also provide them the ability to host

    larger tournaments which “at the end of the day is a benefit to the community as well.”

    He said there is a large demand for more space to be able to participate in pickleball.

    “All ages can play pickleball. So, it’s really attractive in that respect,” said Harper. “I think it really is an

    opportunity to increase physical activity and opportunities for people to be able to participate in a

    recreational physical activity.”

    According to information on the Capital Improvement Program for this project, in 2019 Canada had a

    total of 75,000 pickleball players, with Alberta having the highest number of registered players.

    Currently, the Lethbridge region has nearly 400 pickleball players.

    For more information on pickleball or to register for the Lethbridge Pickleball Club visit


    16 mai 2022
  • Clinics Hosted by: Lethbridge Pickleball Club/Coaldale Pickleball Club
    5 mai 2022
  • LPC Update 2022

    Notice to Membership – April 29, 2022

    LPC Members,

    Welcome to the 2022 outdoor pickleball season. Many thanks for joining the Lethbridge Pickleball Club for the 2022 season. We are excited to get a great start to the season!

    To quickly update you on recent events, LPC attended the April 27, 2022 Cultural Standing Committee (CSC) Meeting of City Council to hear the committee’s recommendation for the upgrading of the Legacy Courts. As you may recall, Recreation and Culture completed an engagement survey in December 2021 to gauge community feedback on the conversion of the tennis courts into pickleball courts. As a result of that feedback, CSC was provided three options:

    1. Re-purpose/upgrade the tennis courts into pickleball courts and upgrade the existing 6 pickleball courts;
    2. Re-purpose/upgrade the tennis courts into pickleball courts, upgrade the existing 6 pickleball courts, and build 2 new tennis courts;
    3. Upgrade the existing pickleball courts and build 6 new pickleball courts.

    After receiving the engagement information and the three options, the decision of the committee was to choose option #3 – essentially retaining the parameters of the originally approved Capital Improvement Project (CIP). This information will now go to full City council (as an Item for Information) on May 10, 2022 at which point it is hoped that that group will ‘rubber stamp’ the information.

    Once this occurs, we expect to be involved in the design of the courts and to work with the City to have the project ready to proceed in the Fall with the courts ready to play in Spring 2023.

    In the interim, Parks and Culture and Recreation have committed to working to find temporary windscreens for the 6 existing pickleball courts at Legacy so that play can continue this outdoor season.

    With this in mind, planning is underway for LPC programming in:

    • Ratings
    • Ladder play
    • Lessons

    Stay tuned for more information coming soon!

    Klaus Witske


    30 avril 2022
  • Ilsa Wong, Coaching Director for Pickleball Alberta


    5 décembre 2021
  • Presidents Message July 12 2021

    I'm melting!!! Message from our LPC President.

    We have a winner!! with 46% of the vote, the membership has decided on logo #4. The

    board ratified the choice at our July 8th Board Meeting. We will be using our logo going forward on all correspondence and emails. We will be looking at available merchandise that we could utilize to promote the Lethbridge Pickleball Club.

    The City of Lethbridge has confirmed a timeline for the start of building 6 new courts at Legacy Park, as well as the upgrading of the existing 6 courts to the plexi-pave surface and the provision of wind screens around all 12 courts. The city administration will begin consultations with the Lethbridge Pickleball Club this fall with completion of the project slated for the summer of 2022. We may have to put up with some construction next year but in the end it will be worth the wait.

    Stay tuned for notices of upcoming events. The Board will be facilitating a novice learn to play program as well as facilitating clinics to improve your skills. We plan on organazing several 2 hour sessions where all members will be able to participate and hopefully improve their skills.

    Save the date: Thursday, September 23rd, 2021 will be the date of our Annual General Meeting. We will be updating some of our by-laws to meet the expectations of the Society Act. We have had a committee review our by-laws and make recommendations which we will forward to the membership before the AGM.

    Paddles up and have a great summer.

    Klaus Witzke


    PICKLEBALL ... is an activity that increases one's movement, provides social interaction and ultimately improves physical and mental health, and longevity.

    12 juillet 2021