Lethbridge Pickleball Club

Club Ratings 2023 /24

This year our club/organization will be introducing Club/Organization Ratings for every player! These individual member ratings will be used to help organize scheduled play that promotes player improvement through high-quality, appropriately leveled sessions.

Starting in 2023, all members of Coaldale Pickleball Club (CPC), Lethbridge Pickleball Club (LPC), and the Lethbridge Senior Citizen’s Organization (LSCO) will require a Member Rating to participate in leveled play. Limited sessions will be available for Open Play, Partner Play, and Practice that will not require a Member Rating. Once you have a Member Rating, it will carry over to all three clubs/organizations (if you are or become a member of each/all).

Ratings sessions will begin in the 3rd week of April and in preparation for these sessions, the three clubs/organizations are hosting an Information Session (see details below) to review the new Member Rating system and answer any questions you may have.

Before the Information Session, please review the Club/Organization Rating Policy and its related documents that are attached below. The documents include:

  • The Club/Organization Rating Policy – which describes the elements of the policy;
  • Skill Assessment Forms – these show you exactly what the Raters will be looking for during your assessment;
  • Verifiable Ratings Form – for those with a verifiable rating from Pickleball Brackets, Pickleball Tournament, or the IPTPA.

After the Information Session, you will be invited to join a new TeamReach portal for Ratings. In that portal, you choose the rating you would like to be assessed at and then sign up for one of our upcoming ratings sessions for that level.

Again, please review these documents and bring all your great questions to the Information Session on April 13!

We look forward to seeing you there or at one of the upcoming ratings sessions!

Klaus Witzke LPC President

Member Ratings Information Session:

DATE: Thursday, April 13, 2023

TIME: 3:00pm

LOCATION: LSCO – Stage Area in Dining Room


**Clubs Rating Policy 2023/24 - 2023-04-07-22-18-52-2072396026-356.pdf**