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Referee Clinic

March 13th, 2023

It’s a BIG DEAL!! You can begin your refereeing journey with Alan Thompson! (https://pickleballcanada.org/team/alan-thomson/)

Al is our National Leader of Officiating and he is inviting YOU to join him in two Zoom webinars that are being set-up to get members of Pickleball MB/CA started!!! There is no cost and no obligation to continue the process, if it’s not for you, however, attending this (2 evening) webinar will get you your first check mark ? towards your refereeing credentials! The next check marks ? are achieved via being tested on content, peer observed....and on!
First session
will be March 13 covering:
- scoresheet and marking it correctly.
Second session
will be March 22, and cover:
- Referee Conduct
- On court situations
- Uncommon on court situations
- Working with Line Judges
We’ll need referees for both the Provincial Tournament in May/June 2023 and a few more to be ready for the Westerns being held in 2025! We’d love to get you signed up and started on your way! A great way to stay involved in Pickleball!
1st: SIGN UP HERE - No charge
* https://secure.pickleballcanad...
2nd: PREP BY GOING HERE and familiarizing yourself with the rules -
* https://pickleballcanada.org/o...


NCPP - Instructor Level 1 and Level 2

May 31, June 7,8,9,2023

If you take a peak, (link below) you'll see that Manitoba is on the schedule for two NCPP courses beginning in May - and only 12 folks can register! We've been challenged, like everyone else, to get back to normal, but this is happening!


This comprehensive program offers courses, resources, and professional development opportunities for individuals who not only love playing pickleball, but who want to help others enter the sport and learn how to play or how to play better......
**Instructor 1 - May 31 webinar & June 7 in-person:
Introducing Pickleball is the first step along the coach education pathway. This 1-day course is focused on preparing instructors so that they can ensure that a new player’s first experience with pickleball is safe, inclusive, and incredibly fun. Participants will learn to manage groups, organize play, and focus on key fundamentals so that new players are set up for success and go home sharing a passion for pickleball.
**Instructor 2 - June 8 & 9:
Developing Recreational Players is focused on supporting instructors who can help existing pickleball players to play the game better. With an increased focus on intermediate tactics and technique, this course takes place over two-days and prepares instructors to develop in their players a wide range of key skills that they will need as they advance.
Prerequisite: A tournament rating of 3.5 or higher on pickleballbrackets.com -OR- a video showing you meet the playing skills criteria. You can also go to the below site, to find the SIX CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORS we already have in Manitoba
Go here to register