Pickleball Manitoba


All tournaments sanctioned by Pickleball Canada Organization (PCO) will follow the International Federation of Pickleball (IFP) rules. IFP rules are the official rules used by PCO, USAPA and AIPA. Pickleball Canada recommends that all play, both tournament and recreational, be played according to the official IFP rules.

USAPA 2021 Rule Book

Also new in 2021 is an Alternate Rulebook. The Official 2021 Rulebook is the one that will be used as a reference during tournaments. The Alternate Rulebook, however, is an attempt to simplify how the rules are presented. The Alternate Rulebook can be used in any venue other than tournaments, without restriction. The Alternate Rulebook will enjoy the benefit of a one-year public comment period. Here are some of the key features:

  • Similar/related rules grouped together in three major parts
    • Part I – Basic information and rules not applying to play
    • Part II – General rules applying to all play
    • Part III – Additional rules relating to tournament play
  • Faults listed with their related rules
  • Redundancies and duplication eliminated
  • Headings for every rule to aid navigation
  • Simpler, clearer language and consistent terminology
  • Non-volley zone rebranded as no-volley zone
  • Wheelchair rules integrated into general rules
  • Expanded index
  • Internal links for easy navigation online

USAPA 2021 Alternate Rule Book