Quesnel Pickleball Club

Senior Center Play & Ball Etiquette

Senior Center Play
At the Senior Center we have play booked in consecutive sessions. Please make sure to stay
and wait for the next session to let the next group in. It's great to see so many people signing
up to use the time we have allotted.
The Senior Center hours are 10-1 pm. We have some members who can access the key if there
is a gap with no one signed up. If there is no one at the Center to let you in, these are the
following people who can unlock the doors:
Wendy 250-991-2424 Rick 250-992-2741
Mike 250-991-2036 George 250-991-1516
There are many other users of the Senior Center hall. As a result after the last session on each
day of the week, we may have to move the nets to the stage or put them away in their bags and
store them under the stage in the door on the far right.

Monday & Wednesday - Leave the nets set up on floor

Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday - Put nets on stage - gather up the court markers, sorted by court

Friday - Puts nets away in their corresponding bags with their respective markers.

This will also be posted on SUG as a reminder. As the last group to leave the Center please
check to ensure
✓ the exit doors are firmly closed
✓ the front door is locked
✓ all lights are off in the hall

Ball Etiquette (especially important once we are in the schools starting in November)

1. Do NOT chase your ball through other active courts if it gets away from you. Call “BALL
ON” so people are aware that a ball might be underfoot and wait for others to return the
ball. If a ball rolls behind the play and it is not unsafe, do not interrupt the play
immediately. Raise your hand or paddle so they know where to return the ball. Players
who are on the court will be expected to return the ball. DO NOT run onto the court
while there is a rally in progress.

2. When retrieving a loose ball, identify whose ball it is before returning it. E.g. look for
players waving at you. Do NOT just roll, kick, or flick the ball out of your way. Make eye
contact and throw or hit it back at the player identified. When possible, return the ball
behind the courts.

3. STOP playing immediately if a loose ball comes on your court. Shout “BALL ON”. Wait for
the ball to be safely returned, then replay your rally.

School Play starts Nov. 2nd - Bring your punch card for these venues too!

  • Tuesday - Red Bluff/Lhtako 6:30-8:30 - Open Play
  • Thursday - Voyageur 6:30-8:30 Mixed Ladder Play
  • Friday - Quesnel Junior School 7:15-9:15 - King's court