St. Thomas Pickleball Club

Code of Conduct

Out balls – players are responsible for calling the lines on their end of the court. Unless asked, players should not question or comment on an opponent's call.. Any ball that cannot definitively be called out (i.e. each receiving player saw something different or neither can make the call) then the ball will be considered to be “in”. A player cannot claim a replay because the ball was not seen or there is uncertainty. The opponent gets the benefit of doubt.

Foot faults – in the spirit of good sportsmanship, players are expected to call any type of fault on themselves. The fault call must happen before the next serve occurs. Players may call non-volley zone and service foot faults on the opponent's end of the court. If there is any disagreement among players about the called foot fault, a replay shall occur.

Score calling – the entire score must be called by one of the serving team (usually the server) before the ball is served. The score is called after the server and receiver are in position and all players are ready to play.

Ball on Court – the team that hits the ball making it go out of their court is responsible for calling “ball on court” or “ball”. This should be done as soon as the ball leaves the court. The players who have the ball enter their court should immediately stop play and pick up the ball to be returned to the team who has hit it out (not hit it back on the ground with their paddle or foot). The player who should be receiving the returned ball should raise their hand or shout out to indicate to whom the ball should be returned.

STPC, Board of Directors